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Challenge: Share your mom lessons

Her passion and compassion taught me how to be a great mom

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As we approach Mother's Day, I have more respect and admiration for my mother than I ever have before. Maybe it's because I have my own children now, and I think to myself sometimes — gosh how did she do this?! I swear we had a home cooked meal every night! Didn't she ever run out of ideas? (I sure do!) How did she manage to get me to piano lessons, tap, ballet, school meetings, cheerleading, church functions — and work full time! Or better yet … she mentioned the other day that I was potty trained at 2?! How did you do it?! Ha!


Aside from the "day-to-day" grind, if I had to narrow this down to "one" life lesson I've learned from my mother — it's to live life with passion and compassion. My mother has such a "zest" for life. Trying to new things. Fun clothes. Fun makeup. Laughing. Loving. Her parents. Her children. Singing. Speaking. She gives herself away, over and over again. She has such a unique way of connecting with people, using her unique talents. Her "passion" for all things wonderful and yummy about life, is also balanced with "compassion." She cares about others and their well being — and "gives", even if at times she may not have much to give. Most importantly, my mom has loved me unconditionally. When I told her I wanted to be a news reporter as a kid, she never once doubted that I could do this. In essence, she "poured" everything she had into me over the years, and now I feel an obligation to be the "best me" I can be. (That was more than "one" life lesson wasn't it?)

I have 3 little ones, and yes our days are busy now learning how to ride bikes and potty train, but if I take a deep breath and think about the big picture — I think my mom allowed me to be "purely happy" and "accepting of myself, flaws and all." If I can do that for my own children, I will be so thankful. I want them to grow up to be passionate about life, have a compassion for others, and to be happy to be in their own skin ... and feel valued. That's what my mother did for me.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! To all the moms, and to those of you who fill that void when our mommies are not there. :-)

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