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Challenge: Sleep Solutions

Help Me Keep This Kid's Diaper On Before I Go Nuts!!!

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Ummm, what? Who would have ever thought this would be an issue! It wasn't in the parenting manual after all. Ahhh, welcome to toddlerhood ... the years of express growth and development (for kids and parents!) Navigating these years isn't for the faint of heart. Sure they come with the most adorable, heart-melting moments of new found abilities, "articulate" toddlerese sentences so eloquently spoken through little munchkin voices (sniff, sniff), but they also come with their fair share of "what-the-hell-is-happening", "don't-eat-that" and "who-the-freak-IS-this-child" moments.


Enter Leeah, the third of my six children who significantly raised the bar on this whole toddler challenge thing (yes, that's her sleeping in her emptied toy basket ... with only puppy and cookie monster allowed to stay). Little Miss Houdini was a week away from turning one. We just brought her Irish twin brother home from his big debut into this world and were in the first bumbling week of adjusting to our new sleep deprived routine. That's when it happened ... the day Leeah introduced me to the term "smearing" ... my eye is twitching again. I had just loaded her little brother into the van for his first check up and went up to wake Leeah up from her nap to get changed before we left. The horror that unfolded after the turn of her door knob is forever burnt into my nose. I walked in to find my little angel naked and covered ... I mean covered ... in poop. And not only was she covered in poop, but she apparently had been playing Picasso with it as well ... walls, rails of her crib, her stuffed animals ... I can't even. I have NEVER experienced anything like this nor could I have even imagined it was an issue (let alone one that would go on for two months). My little Houdini got out of every single thing I tried to keep her dressed. I jumped on Amazon to find a solution. FIX THIS. And guess what? Nothing. So I hit Google. Found some parent forums that showed me that this is so much more common than I could have even realized! Parents all over the place discreetly trying to find a solution to a rarely discussed yet apparently common problem. I did read a great suggestion to cut the feet off of old pajamas and put them on backwards. Desperately trying anything, I did it and voila ... it WORKED!!! It did the trick of keeping her dressed, but really started to become a pain to have to change her into this before her naps and she couldn't wear any of the warm, footed pajamas she had at night (it was January and if this kid could get anything off she would ... so "bye socks" and "hello ice cube feet"). That's when I figured it out. All I needed was something to slip over whatever she was wearing before I laid her down. This ladies and gents is when the very first product for what is becoming my Naked No More Line of "Escape Proof" clothing was born!! Naked No More you ask? Yep, that was my victory "song" to Leeah when she finally couldn't get "Naked No More" ... it kind of stuck. Every detailed speck of this patented design was due to Leeah's extraordinary determination. Fast forward through four years and two more children, it became my absolute mission to help other parents out there dealing with this. Kids do it in varying degrees of course. Not all of them "smear" as my fourth demonstrated at the same age his Houdini sister started this "fun". He preferred to strip down and pull his diaper apart until all of the impossible-to-clean-up gel beads left a slimy layer all over his mattress and carpet ... too early for wine? I've also had friends with older, special needs kids reach out asking about larger sizes as they were experiencing this very issue as well! Wow. Who would have thought this was so common!!
Anywho, my point here is that you are not alone and there is finally help (on Amazon;). I've had self-proclaimed potty training "experts" tell me it's because I should have been potty training and that's what's wrong with the U.S., blah, blah, blah ... in my case, my kids were all one year old-ish, not interested in potty training in the least and beyond that in a CRIB ... meaning they couldn't get out to use the bathroom at night even if they were pooping like pros on the potty all day. Not to mention, every kid is different and they don't all respond to the same potty training methods (in my humble opinion and experience). Hopefully she will channel that passion for potty training and her magic formula into a book so the rest of us unaware parents in the U.S. can benefit from her wisdom. I mean that for real. In the mean time, if you are looking for help to get you sanely through this unexpected challenge that can creep up on you in the toddler years, I gotcha covered ... pun very much intended.

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