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Being a mom of twins, I appreciate the double seat grocery cart,

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Well! Let's just say that having twins made my life more challenging than when I had one child. I have learned to appreciate my van, because I don't have to climb through seats in order to get them in their carseat. My double stroller a life saver, you may ask yourself why? Well, the more I go grocery shopping, I just noticed that out of the stores I go shopping to, pretty much the one that caters to my need is Costco. Two seats on their cart. Thank you Costco. I do go to other grocery store, but not always fortunate to find the cart that has two seats. So what happens, I have to pack the twins on the stroller, push with one hand the stroller and with the other the cart. I couldn't even believe that babies store do not have those carts. I know, twins are rare, but I expected the baby store to have it. However, I can't complain because there are always associates that always lend a hand. I thought it was going to get easy as they got older, but that's not the case. At two years old, I still need to seat them in the cart when I shop.

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