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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

Harsh Parenting Effects on Kids with ADHD

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The way parents interact with their kids is said to affect how well these kids perform in school, especially for kids with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This was according to studies conducted by a group of researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine.

The researchers also studied the link between the parenting practices of both the father and the mother of the kid who had behavioral problems and how these practices affected the child's performance in school. They found a link between mothers who tend to yell or spank as punishment to a range of problems that the children are faced with at school.

According to the researchers, there is a link between mothers who use negative control behaviors to discipline the kids and kids who have low academic achievement and greater behavioral problems in class. These kids have also been shown to have difficulties in maintaining good relationships with their peers and their teachers.

The results of the research may help to improve the intervention efforts for families who have kids with behavioral problems, where, aside from the ADHD, they may also have conduct and oppositional defiant disorders.

The researchers added that kids who have behavioral disorders are more prone to problems both in class and at home. These kids are at high risk of getting into trouble and they often have difficulties in maintaining good grades. They also have a high chance of dropping out of school. At home, the parents of these kids tend to engage in inconsistent and harsh discipline.

Decades of research have linked negative parenting to raising kids with behavioral problems. Generally, the difficulties of the child have also increased the possibility of negative parenting. The disruptive and aggressive behavior of the child can become stressful for the parents and eventually causes a strain on the resources. The researchers are aware of the parents' difficulties in raising the kids and they are aware of kids' difficulties in school but they are not sure how these issues are related.

The research involved 110 fathers, 147 mothers, and 148 kids. Most of these kids had ADHD and other behavioral disorders. After the symptoms were identified on the kids, the parents were asked to undergo an assessment designed to measure their parenting practices including how positively involved they were with the child and if they had ever used negative punishment or practiced inefficient monitoring.

The way parents interact with their children has a huge effect on the child’s performance in school. The mothers who parented negatively were associated with kids who had poor math and reading skills, and poor relationships with their teachers. Mothers who reported lower monitoring or those who played down their child's emotions were linked to kids with poor relationships with their peers.

In addition, fathers who discouraged or downplayed the emotions of their kids were associated with kids who had poor spelling and reading achievements.

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