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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Hanging on tight

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So many of us may feel like we are just hanging on these days, but I’m making a promise to myself...

I’m going to hold on tight, just as the icicle holds on, until the warmth of Spring.

I may be glistening in the sunlight some days, as the sun peeks in through the trees, but don’t be fooled, other days I’m slowly melting.

I may be strong at the top holding on, but wearing thin as I get closer to the bottom about to break or melt at any given moment.

But I’m holding on.

Friends, isn’t this what being a mom often feels like?

One day holding on tight, feeling strong and keeping it all together and then the following day a subtle melt, maybe a drip, to then be followed by melting at a rapid pace?

Unlike the icicle though our melting doesn’t just take place once the sun shines for the Spring to move in.

This cycle can ebb and flow throughout all seasons, over the course of the year.
But I have learned, I’m not the only one.

So hang on tight when your little one is struggling through online learning or the thought of heading back to school.

Hang on tight when your teen is branching out, taking risks and finding themselves after a year of being home.

Hang on tight when you are feeling overwhelmed by all of your daily responsibilities yet wanting to keep a smile on your face even though you feel as if you are melting.

Hang on tight when an argument erupts with your spouse over a little thing, maybe even burnt nachos.

Hang on tight when you miss your friend who has not returned your text or responded to your funny GIF. She may be melting a bit too...

Hang on tight while allowing yourself to melt.

So hang on mama, you got this. Our spring renewal is just around the bend.

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