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Challenge: Open Discussion

Grandma does the F-Word! What about you?

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One of our after-dinner pastimes with our grandkids is to play word and number games. One of their favorites is to come up with as many words as they can beginning with a chosen letter. On one occasion, it was my seven year old grandson’s turn and with a devious smile on his face he chose the letter F.

After listing a dozen words or so: fruit, feet, face, fun, family, friends … my grandson announced, “And there’s another one …, but I’m not going to tell!” His sister, who had also recently learned the F-WORD, and like her twin wasn’t quite sure what it actually means, began to giggle …

  • Would grandma say the F-WORD?
  • How would grandma react if they were to say it?
  • Would they dare? And if they did, would granny tell mom?

I looked at them with a smile no smaller than theirs.

“I know what word you are thinking of!” I announced. They began to squirm in their seats. “And it’s a great word! Actually, it’s one of my favorites. I do it all the time! In fact, I always look for a special opportunity to do it and a special someone to do it with.”

Hmm … did grandma know the F-WORD?

“Say it! Say it!” the twins rooted, their younger brother pitching in. He wasn’t quite sure what all the hullabaloo was all about, but he wasn’t going to miss out on the fun.

So, I said it!

My favorite F-WORD is ... FIRGUN!


While at first they were a bit disappointed that grandma didn't say the F-WORD, they were kind of intrigued.

“Do you really do it, grandma?” my grandson asked.

“Why do you do it?” his sister demanded to know.

“Do you really do it with strangers?” he questioned.

"WHY DO YOU DO IT?" she insisted.

“What do you tell them?” he probed.

“WHY DO YOU DO IT?” she persisted.

"Because it's fun!" I told them, leaving them with something to ponder over :)


So, what about you?

  • Do you do practice FIRGUN?
  • What do you do?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Do you believe it's something we can teach our kids?


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