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Grace called my name, so I answered

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Grace called my name, so I answered.

It asked me to be kind to myself. I obliged.

It asked me to be patient with others. I agreed.

It asked me to trust. I said I will.

It told me to focus on the blessings in my present. I said I will try.

It demanded I relax a bit. I said “I’m working on it.”

It requested I “practice the pause.” I paused, and said “okay.”

It recommended I get comfortable with my mess. I shrugged and accepted the direction.

It implored me to affirm my worth and that of those I love and to do it daily. I said I’d go along with that.

It begged me to accept



and all my days as they come. I promised I will.

Grace called my name, so I answered, and if calls yours, I hope you will too.

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