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Gift Packaging: Dos and Don’ts

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Giving gifts to people you hold special is one of the oldest traditions of civilization.And with this tradition of exchanging gifts, the presentation is equally important. To make the presentation stand out, we use gift boxes.

Why do we need to wrap a present?


These boxes of joy are very important for the functional protection they present. They make the item safe from any sort of physical shocks and exposure from environmental factors. Packaging box manufacturers use a variety of materials and techniques offer to ensure that the boxes offer top-notch storage facilities to any item that is placed inside them.

However, there is a very important role that is played by these boxes. Why is that we spend so much effort on the outlook of a box?

We always open the best looking presents first, don’t we? That is because we are attracted to beauty. And what better way to beautify your significant gift item?

By packaging it in a beautiful manner. Not only will it be a pleasant sight, but it will also help your gift stand out. It shows the amount the effort and thinking that you have put into the present, and how significant it is for you.

Gift packaging 101


So, how to make the perfect packaging? How to make your ordinary boxes into fancy boxes?
We have made a list of some tips regarding the packaging, which you can follow to make a perfectly wrapped present.



  • Use a double-sided tape. This is one of the best tips for wrapping gifts. You do not have to worry about shoddy tape work or messy presentation due to tape. Just use this tape on the inside surface of the wrapping paper. It will be invisible and the wrapping paper will be smooth. It is very suitable for gift pillow boxes, and any other non-regular shape.
  • Use a box. This might seem obvious, but most people do not wrap their gifts in a box. They go for directly wrapping the item. If the item id bulky, or irregular in shape, then the packaging becomes messy and difficult. Always use boxes for this purpose. As for regular items, you can use boxes to add to the unwrapping experience and to further enhance the properties of your present. Custom gift card boxes are a great example of this.
  • Wrap it well. And we are not just talking about using good quality tape. Once you have wrapped the box, you need to beautify it. In fact, you can use fancy gift wrap to put the box in. you can also attach ribbons, brooches, cards and other decorative ornaments for the wrap. Make it a custom luxury box, and make the recipient feel special.



  • Use too much wrapping paper. Not only is it a waste of your resources, but it will also end up in the trash and create garbage. As for the packaging, using too much paper will make the box look untidy. Just trim the edges in a way that they cover the rough edge.
  • Use substandard material. This gift is supposed to make someone feel special. Make sure that everything you use it presentable. Use a good quality box. You can easily get decorative gift boxes on wholesale rates very easily. Use a good wrapping paper and ornaments as well.
  • Overdo it. This is a very common mistake that people make. Make sure that you use enough packaging that makes the box look elegant. If you put in too many things, the boxes look overdone. That is not something you want to do. So make sure that you take care of not making it too simple, or too complex. It should just be effective and beautiful.

It is very easy and fun to wrap a present. If you keep in mind these tips, you can very easily make a gift that stands out and is appreciated by the recipient.

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