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Gift ideas for your teen athlete

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I am a full-time sports mom. This means that I have 3 kids, who each play (at least) 3 different sports, which equates to anywhere from 3-9 games per day on the weekends. People say why do you do it? How do you keep up? Don’t you think your kids need some down time once in a while?

The answer to these questions varies on any given day, but the bottom line is this: my kids love playing sports. It is pretty much all they know and somewhere along the way, I fell in love with the sports-mom life, too. On the rare occasion when we don’t have any sporting events built in to our schedule, I usually find myself in an unexpected panic as I face a day with no competition in sight; in the absence of competition, I realize just how much I cherish it.


Naturally, my kids’ Christmas lists are filled with sports-related items. Hockey sticks, Boston Bruins merch, and the newest soccer cleats are sure to be under our tree each year. I have been a sports mom for almost 16 years now and that is a lot of sports gift-giving, so I am here to tell you other sports moms (or aunts, uncles and grandparents) about the best sports gifts for your young athletes.

ChalkTalk SPORTS

If in doubt, this is your go-to website. ChalkTalk SPORTS is full of surprises and offers everything from personalized slides and blankets to sports-themed bathing suits and Christmas ornaments. 2 of the bests Christmas gifts I have ever given were from this website. One was a hockey puck with a picture of my daughter on it and the other was an LED light-up sign with my daughter’s name and Jersey number on it. I am telling you, you can’t go wrong with CHALKTALK Sports. It’s also the perfect place to buy unique coach’s gifts.

Hockey Sauce Kit

I am always a hockey-mom first, so I have to represent our favorite sport. What do you get the player who has everything hockey-related? The Hockey Sauce Kit. That’s what you get them. But this game is even fun for the non-hockey player because first and foremost it is a backyard game (think Cornhole, but better- with a stick and a puck and small nets). It’s portable and durable and designed to be used everywhere including the beach! They even make a floating Sauce Kit so you can play in the pool. There are rules and points and all different types of sauce tricks to try your hand at. A fun, competitive game for all playing abilities, but it is sure to improve stick-handling, shot accuracy, and passing skills.


College Shirts

Apparently, it’s cool to wear college sports merch even if you don’t attend said college. My kids love getting shirts from various colleges representing the sports that they play. This is a super-easy gift and can be picked up at a Dick’s Sporting Goods or ordered on any College website’s athletic pages. It is fun to get to know the schools’ mascots, colors, and sports teams and hey, they are never too young to start thinking about their future, am I right?


This is a great gift for any competitive family. It will get everyone moving, laughing, and keeping score, and it is certain to provide hours of fun for all ages. The game is portable and comes with a carry bag, so you can play in your backyard or bring it with you as tailgate before the big game. Spikeball is played 2 vs. 2 and comes with rules of it’s own where the challenge is to spike the ball in a way that will set up your opponent for failure. What better gift for an athlete than a game that requires a combination of strategy and athleticism? The best part about this game is that it is equally fun and appropriate for all ages, so you can pack it up and bring it to Grandma’s Christmas party for hours of family fun!


All in Faith Jewelry

Who knew there was a site that sold items combining sports and spirituality? Well, there is and it is called All in Faith and it is a great resource for the athlete who just may point up to the sky before his at-bat. My favorite items on the site are by far their necklaces, which are creative, faith-filled and athletic. There is a necklace that makes a cross out of baseball bats and a crucifix that can be personalized with your jersey number. The site also sells sports-only apparel, so it’s worth a visit even for the non-religious.


Local Merch

Out here in Simsbury, CT, we are blessed to have Vincent’s Sports Shop, our go-to spot for customized, local sports merch. If you don’t have a similar store in your own town, you can always customize apparel on line with your child’s name, number and sports’ team name by visiting a website like Logo Sports Wear. Get creative and don’t be afraid to weave a personal joke or two into your merch or get matching sweats for you and your child!

That’s all folks! Happy shopping and be sure to share your sports gift ideas in the comments!

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