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Friends would not have been the same without Gunther

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At age 59, Gunther, the Central Perk barista on ‘Friends’ has passed away.

Gunther didn’t really care much about anything or anyone except Rachel, but we all cared about him.

He was a very relatable character in friends, and although the times he appeared on camera were very minimal and short spanned, they had a great impact.

Gunther always said it the way it was; he had courage most of us only wish to have. He was never too close to the group and far enough not to worry about being cast out, so naturally he had the freedom to say whatever crossed his mind.

Like the time when Phoebe didn’t know how to tell her boyfriend to cover up. Gunther simply told him: “Hey buddy, this is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house.”

He was relatable to everyone at one point or another.

He held a job he hated and seemed pretty depressed at times, and was in love with a person who never gave him the light of day. I feel like we have all been in similar situations in our lives.

He was a hopeless romantic.

Young and in love, making stupid decisions. Been there done that, right?

Like the time he bought Rachel’s cat which he said “was some kind of snake or something”, assuring her she can come visit anytime.

Throughout the series, we all went through waves of loving and hating Ross, but Gunther, he HATED the guy. Did he hate him for Rachel, or because Ross was easy to hate? Who knows.

Gunther was “in the background” of the show, but made some huge dents-like when he told Rachel what happened between Ross and the girl from the copy place. "I'm sorry. Was I not supposed to?" He said to Ross.

Gunther, you were ruthless!

We didn’t even know his last name, but we all knew him. That says enough about his character.

Gunther is unforgettable and I don’t think FRIENDS would have been the same without him and his undying love for Rachel. From his blinding, brighter than the sun blonde hair, to his obsession with primary colours, he was everything the show needed and we loved him.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be binge watching ‘Friends’ tonight. 🥺

Rest In Peace James Michael Tyler; “Gunther”.


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