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Free To A Good Home, The Bed That Held My Babies

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Free to a good home...


A used crib with 4 sturdy sides. Easy to take apart and put back together with a little elbow grease and an Allen wrench.

Made of solid wood and able to withstand a lot. Like bite marks left from little beaver teeth from a teething baby who woke before crying out for many mornings at dawn.

The rails are spaced together small enough yet just wide enough for an occasional baby leg to find itself stuck somehow and create quite a stir. But don't fret, a little lotion and some maneuverability and chunky legs will break free.

It's been wiped and polished the best it can, but some splashes of dried milk may remain from nap time bubbas. For any doctor that said not to give him a drink at bedtime clearly never knew the comfort it brought as tiny eyelids got heavy and drifted off to dreamland.

The base board can be lowered as little ones start to pull themselves up and eventually out with each passing season.

It's been well loved, given to us from a family friend that put her own sweet baby in it. It held our two babies as they learned to sleep all night. It would've held our other two had they been born here on Earth.

It will keep your baby safe and provide comfort to them in the darkest of hours. Even as you nest, rubbing your belly in your soon to be nursery, you can take comfort in knowing that this old crib will be with you as you place him into it for the very first time right up until the last time he will escape from it before a big boy bed is bought.

When the time comes and your babies have grown, all that I ask is for you to pass it onto another parent that might use it free of charge. Let's hope the cycle continues until the wood is no longer sturdy and the stain has faded so.

But for now, I offer free to a good home...

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