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5 Important Safety Tips for Baby Cribs

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Baby cribs are a great tool for busy parents to keep their baby safe and sound while working. It is known as the “first home” for the babies and they pass most of their time infanthood on it. However, sometimes the cribs can be dangerous even breath-taking for the babies. According to the Wikipedia, the baby cribs cause 8000 injuries every year. Even some variations of the cribs such as drop-side cribs are banned by USA govt. for causing much injuries and deaths. So, as a parent, you must ensure that the baby crib you are using is safe for your baby.


Here are some tips which will help to keep your child safe from any kind of injuries while he is in the crib. Whether you are a new parent or the old one, take a moment to read the below tips and stay tension free about the baby when he is in the crib.

1. Never buy an old baby cribs

You may decide to buy an old baby crib instead of the new one for saving some bucks. But it is not going to be a good idea to do this. Most of the old baby cribs do not follow the new safety standards and they can be injurious to your baby. When you are buying a crib make sure that it is not on the ban list and it is not a drop side crib. The crib must follow the recent safety guideline and it should have strong frames and, wide and firm mattress.

Make sure that the crib is capable of taking the weight of your child. All the parts of the crib should be accumulated and also make sure that all the nuts and screws are tightened well. The crib should come with bigger banister than the height of your child so that he couldn’t go beyond it. Besides, the crib's sides should be fixed so that they don’t open up accidentally.

2. Choose the correct mattress

Currently, all the best baby cribs come with standard mattresses but if you bought a below-priced crib than you will need to change the mattress. The mattress is one of the most important parts of the crib and the comfort of your baby will depend on it. When you are buying a new mattress make sure that you are buying the one with the right size which will perfectly fit in the crib. Also, make sure that the mattress you are buying is not that much soft. Go for firm mattresses instead of the soft one as they can cause suffocation. The firm mattresses also prohibit your baby from moving much on the crib.

However, if you have a low budget then go for the less expensive foam and spring mattresses. They are not that much enhanced but they can still provide a smooth comfort to your baby. They are also easy to move and clean.

3. Remove all the toys and accessories from the crib

Nowadays, most of the baby cribs come with one or multiple toys or ornaments to keep the baby entertaining when you are not there. The toys include stuffed animals, bumpers, and other accessories which also increase the beauty of the cribs. But they can be become harmful anytime instead of doing well. As the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported, the parents must keep their babies crib totally empty at the time of sleeping especially when your toddler is very little aged.

The crib accessories can be the reason of infant suffocation. That means they can cover their face with the accessories as well as suffocate on the side of the crib bumper. They can also distract your baby from sleeping. So it is stickily prohibited to put the toys and accessories away from the mattress while the baby is sleeping. However, you can hang the accessories on the top of the crib so that they don’t cause suffocation.

4. Always place your baby on his back in the crib

Placing your baby incorrectly may cause dangerous problems like Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or crib death. Placing the baby on his stomach or side is one of the biggest reasons of SIDS along with overheating, smokes and other causes. Every year more than 2,000 babies die of the SIDS only in the USA. There is no explanation for the death caused by SIDS. So it’s important to place your baby on his back in the crib for keeping him safe from the SIDS.

Make sure that your baby is always sleeping in his back for the first year. However, it is highly important at the first six months of the baby as the SIDS occur much in this time period. You may want to keep your baby with you so that you can keep an eye on the baby all the time. But this also prohibited as you can pressurize the baby in the time of sleeping.

5. Never use sleep positioners

You may want to use the sleep positioner to keep your baby on his back while sleeping. But the sleep positioner can also be dangerous to cause injuries to your child. In the recent years, a lot of injuries and death has been caused by the sleep positioner. The sleep positioner can entrap your child in between it and the crib side and cause dangerous situations. On the other hand, sometimes the sleep positioner can cover the baby’s face and make it difficult to breathe for them.

Instead of using the sleep positioner, simply put your baby in the crib on his back. Make sure that the mattress is covered with a well-fitted cloth cover.Check for more Important Safety Tips for Baby Cribs.

The baby crib can become injurious if you use it ignorantly. Hopefully, the above tips will help you to secure your baby when he is in the baby crib.

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