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Challenge: What Do Fathers Do Best?

What Dads Do: They Break The Rules

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My husband is the worst. THE WORST. Clearly he suffers from a disease that infringes on his ability to fully close all cupboards or shut drawers. Although I can't be sure, I think he hears me when I've asked him 375 times to take out the recycling. And the man can nap anywhere. ANYWHERE! He closes his eyes and in less than a minute, he’s snoring away. It's astounding and a bit annoying. All kidding aside, that boy I married a million years ago is a real gem. Everyday he makes our lives a whole lot sweeter doing exactly what the best kind of Dads do:

1. Roughhousing- Maybe it's because I’m terrified that I’ll hurt my babies or I’ve received their hard skulls right in the kisser one too many times, but I leave all of the roughhousing to their Dad. Research suggests kids roughhousing with Dear Old Dad is actually good for a child's development. So go ahead, Big Guy, throw those kids in the air (but you better catch them or I will cut you). Roll around and wrestle. Let them win sometimes. Let them lose sometimes. Pretend that kick to the face doesn’t hurt because the kids LOVE when they pin you, and I can sit on the couch and play referee with both lips intact.


2.The King of The Fort- All those years ago, my man said he was working on his MBA, but I suspect he was taking classes in fort building. I’ll admit, my forts are super lame. Usually I throw a blanket over a chair and call it a day, but when I leave Hubby to his own devices, he will create a fort masterpiece: couch cushions, blankets, ropes, tunnels, doors, and even secret hideouts. He puts my fort skills to shame and that’s just fine because I would rather play in his fort too.

3.Rule Breaker- This family thrives on schedules, and I panic if we break those schedules. Maybe I’m afraid it will turn all Lord of the Flies up in here, but my husband reminds me that sometimes breaking their schedule is OK and can be a lot of fun. But I swear, if I see one kid carrying a conch shell, I’m outta here!


4.Taking on the Tough Job- Marriage is all about compromise and I agree to feed our family and wash and fold clothes. In return, he takes on the really tough jobs like garbage duty and cleaning out the rogue sippies. You know, the ones that were filled with milk and have been hiding under the couch for a few days. Seriously, I just vomited in my mouth thinking about the toxic waste in those cups.

5.Second String Quarterback- Because I’m with the kids all-day-every-day, my fuse is super short at night. So when my kiddos start streaking through the halls after bath time and I’m left with their jammies and zero patience, my husband scoops them up, snuggles them into bed, and is reading their favorite books while using those silly voices that make them all giggle. As the second string quarterback, he makes sure this Mamma still has a sliver of sanity.


6.He’s crazy about us- Even though I can be a real pill to live with, I don’t reciprocate back-rubs, and I wine if he flips on ESPN for 2.5 seconds, that man loves me. Our kids are still at the age where they laugh and giggle when Mommy and Daddy kiss and hug and they wiggle their way into our arms and we create a family burrito. A pretty glorious burrito. When he comes home from work, they race into his arms, squealing with joy, and both kids talk simultaneously sharing their daily adventures. Even if he’s exhausted and stressed, he listens and nods and engages in their tales. And sometimes (not often, but sometimes) when they’re sick, they ask for Daddy to sleep in their bed so they can breathe their sick little breath in his face all night and I get to skip off to bed and sleep for at least one hour before they require my company in bed too. That man is crazy about us and we are crazy about him.


Happy Father’s Day to all those Daddies that are making our lives better, kinder, and a whole lot more fun. Right, Babe? Babe? See, he’s already asleep!

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