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Finding the Perfect Dentist for Your Child

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Every parent wants their child to have the best dental care to protect their teeth, and that means finding a dentist who is not only highly-qualified but also has the ability to put children at ease. Setting the stage for a lifetime of excellent dental health begins with giving your child a good experience with their dentist every time they attend their regular checkups.

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It is common for parents to ask how to find the perfect dentist for their child. Here, you will find the answer to your questions and discover tips for choosing a child-friendly dentist who knows how to provide quality care in a comfortable environment.

Know the Signs of a Child-Friendly Dentist
It is important to begin your search by focusing solely on dental offices that emphasize a child-friendly environment. This is because they will have the proper training in techniques designed for pediatric dental care. Dental offices that are child-friendly also strive to create a comforting atmosphere using colors and decorations that appeal to children.

Family dental clinics serve clients of all ages, and you can let your child know that you trust your dentist. If your office is not open to children, then taking them there will make them feel out of place.

Once you have schedule your child’s first appointment, watch how the dentist interacts with your child. Are they able to relate to your child as they talk? Is your child made comfortable by your dentist meeting their physical and emotional needs? If necessary, are they able to implement pain prevention methods that work? Asking yourself these questions will provide answers to help you determine if this is the best dentist for your child.

Make Sure Prevention Is Emphasized
Proper oral hygiene begins early in life, and your child’s dentist should talk to them about oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing. If necessary, they should also be willing to talk to you about the proper techniques to teach your child regarding their oral hygiene.

For children who are old enough, your child’s dentist should demonstrate these techniques in the office. The best way to be successful in preventing dental problems later in life is to know how to change strategies as a child progresses from infancy and into later childhood.

Ask About Diet Counseling
It is also important for your child to understand that what they eat and drink affects their teeth. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, a large percentage of children had already experienced decay in their baby teeth by the tender age of six, and their permanent teeth were affected by decay by the age of twelve.

The best food for your child to eat is fresh vegetables along with whole grains and some fruit. Milk and water are the best things to drink, and it is important to avoid anything filled with sugar. When children eat a proper diet, they incidence of tooth decay sharply decreases. You can also ask your dentist to give you more tips about helping your child maintain their teeth through proper dietary habits.

Talk to Your Family and Friends
As you learn more about what you desire in a child’s dentist, you can also reach out to your family and friends to find out about their experiences. This can help to reduce the possibility of having a bad experience and having to go to multiple dental offices to find one that you trust.

As you talk to your friends, ask about the general office environment along with the mannerisms of the dentists and hygienists. You can also finish up by asking how comfortable your friends’ kids were with their dentist.

Make the Appointment
After you have narrowed down your options, check out your prospective dentist’s website online. Look for pages they have available regarding dentistry for children and tips for oral hygiene. Then, call to book your child’s next checkup. Remember, kid-friendly dental clinics can be very busy, so it is best to schedule ahead. However, you should let them know if your child has a tooth problem or has not been to a dental checkup within the past six months since they can make your appointment a priority.

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