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How Can I Teach My Kids the Importance of Oral Health?

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Parents should think about dental health the moment their child's first teeth start appearing. However, encouraging kids to maintain good oral hygiene or brushing is not as simple as it sounds because it takes time. It is essential for children to learn and practice oral hygiene at a young age, which is integral to the overall health. You can try out fun activities that will encourage your child to maintain oral hygiene throughout the year.

If your child is facing a challenge of learning or remembering how to practice oral hygiene skills, these guidelines will help parents to teach children how to take good care of their teeth for oral hygiene. Enjoy a relaxed and smooth toothy fun with these exciting activities with your children at home.


Happy face snacks

Offer your child an array of healthy meals on the table and give them a paper plate so that they can design happy faces using foods such as carrots coins, raisins, cauliflower florets, and apple and orange slices. After they are done with the designing, take a photo of them for future references or memory and allow them to enjoy eating their edible art. Take the opportunity of that time to discuss with the kid healthy foods versus junk foods. Also, you can let them give their opinions on why they think the foods give healthy teeth and a happy face.

How sugar affects their teeth

Parents always tell their kids to avoid eating too many sweets because they contain sugar that cannot be removed by brushing and can cause teeth cavities. Well, you need to demonstrate to your kids the effect of sugar on their teeth enamel because a demonstration ensures that the kids don't forget or they understand since it is practical. You can try submerging a boiled egg into a clear glass of grape juice for about 24 hours. A boiled egg is made of calcium carbonate, which is the same material that forms the teeth enamel. Let your child look at the egg and note the discoloration in its shell. You can also let the child clean the shell with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and discuss with the child the essence of brushing after eating as well as avoiding sugary things.

Brush your teeth together

Young kids enjoy imitating their parents; therefore, you can make brushing a family activity. Model to your kids how to ensure oral hygiene by brushing and flossing in their presence and allow them to try it on their own. It compels the parent to provide that the child brushes or floss properly.

Toothbrush painting

Parents can also cut a tooth shape from a huge white paper then give an old toothbrush to their kids so that they can dip it into poster paint then brush the paper as they would on their teeth. Demonstrate to your child how to make movements up and down, circular movements and back and forth on the painting. The art activity is fun, so the kid learns how to brush their teeth properly. However, remember to teach your kid that they shouldn't use old toothbrushes on their teeth.

Visit a pediatric dentist

A trip to a dentist is fun if you take the child to a dentist that specializes in kid's oral care. Many professionals such as the pediatric dentist Calgary offers are specially trained to care for tiny teeth and will give toys or play areas for children to keep them busy and comfort them as they wait to be served. A friendly dentist will also educate your child on vital practices of oral health and hygiene.

Apps for kids

Children are tech savvy; hence, you can use an array of applications to keep the kids interested in oral care. You can download several games to educate your child on the importance of oral care as well as keeping track of when and how long they need to brush. After all, most of these apps and games are free, so you don't have an excuse for failing to entice your child to oral care.

Find the right tactics for your kid so that they can adopt oral care routines. You can design fun activities for children at any age. Kids will most likely find dental care a fun and integral part of oral health

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