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Challenge: Open Discussion

Everywhere people are struggling. Just love them.

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We never know what someone is going through.

The loss of a loved one. Anxiety. Depression. Mental illness. Wallowing in shame from the past.

We never know what someone is going through.

A first responder still trying to come to terms with the things they see on the streets. The heartache. The death. The pain. The violence. The close encounters with death. The realization that others will never realize the extent of the situations they deal with on a normal day.

We never know what someone is going through.

A woman who suffered yet another miscarriage. A military spouse trying to balance children, career, and home while the love of their life is deployed. A first responder spouse just praying her fireman pulls in the driveway the next morning.

We never know what someone is going through.

A victim of rape. Suicidal thoughts. A soul-crushing medical diagnosis. Struggles that people try to keep buried deep within the crevices of their ailing heart as they fear the harsh judgment of others.

We never know what someone is going through.

A broken marriage. A shattered heart. Trying ever-so-diligently to find beauty beyond the pain or that light at the end of the tunnel.

We never know what someone is going through.

Loneliness. Shame. Darkness. Questioning one’s worth. Parent guilt.

We never know what journey someone is walking, so let’s try to make our own encounters ones that might show that glimmer of hope to someone who may be at the end of their rope, begging for a sign.

A little patience. A little kindness. Less judgment. A kind word. A note of encouragement. A check-in.

Maybe, just maybe, God can use us to shine a little light into the darkest parts of someone’s heart.

Every person matters.

Everyone’s pain matters.

Every season of grief matters.

You matter.

Your journey is important.

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