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Don't be an adult bully

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Bullying never ends. Sad, isn't it? Even well into adulthood, we often find ourselves being the victims of salacious gossip, judgmental words and complete untruths.

But why? Why do some people continue that behavior into their adult years? Do they still not understand the repercussions of their negativity?

I wish I had the answers.

I wish I could understand what makes someone so angry and so bitter that they can sit behind a computer screen and openly hurt someone's feelings.

How do you explain to your 7 year old, who suffers from bullying at school, that it doesn't stop once you grow up? That well into your adult life, you will still be a victim of other's vile words? That at 30 years old, you are still suffering from bullying at the hands of adults much older than you?

When you log onto Facebook and happen upon someone's status, blog, or opinion piece and type out judgemental comments when they are sharing their feelings and struggles, does it make you feel good? Do you get your kicks through name calling and shaming?

I'm not sure how online bullies can stand to look at themselves. How would you feel if you shared your life and experiences with others, only to have them degrade you and question your abilities to be a good spouse, parent, and human being? It's completely unacceptable, and you would never want it done to you or your children, so why do it to others?

It is never okay to bully. It is never okay to shame. I would hope that in today's society, more than ever, we would want to encourage and lift each other up... especially women. My mother taught me as a young child that if I couldn't say something nice, it was best not to say anything at all. It's one of the most universal pieces of advice, and yet grown adults cannot even follow it.

For me, writing is cathartic. It is part of who I am. It helps me when I'm stressed, when I'm riddled with anxiety, and when I'm suffering through bouts of depression. My blog is my little slice of happiness amongst the chaos of my life. It feels good to share my experiences, especially when a reader reaches out to me to let me know that I touched them, or that they connected with something I wrote. Knowing that just one person was helped through my writing is what motivates me to keep at it, and I won't allow negative people to tear down what I'm trying to build here.

You never know what someone is going through. Do you want to be the straw that broke the camel's back? Or would you prefer to be the light at the end of the tunnel? The encouraging word that took someone from rock bottom, back to a place of light and love. Words can hurt deeply. They can break you in your weakest moments. But they can also heal. They can sometimes be just what someone needed to find their happiness again. Why wouldn't you want to be a positive light for someone?

Back away from the keyboard and think about what you're about to type. If you don't think it will be helpful or bring a smile to someone's face, don't write it out. A little compassion and understanding can go a long way.

In a world where you can be anything, please always choose to be kind.

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