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Advantages of Integrating CRM And Sales Enablement

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Caught in the Repeat Cycle

How many parents ask themselves this question on a daily -- or, more likely -- moment-to-moment basis?

A typical “repeat myself” scenario may look something like this:

I ask son to get his shoes on. Son continues to play the video game. - I repeat the request. Kid protests, “Just a few more minutes.” - I reinforce instructions a little louder and adds, “Now!” - The child keeps playing. I yell, and take the controller away and point to the door. The child still doesn’t go directly to his shoes.

Yep, I have one of those children who is hard to direct and to get to focus on what needs to be done.

Advantages of Integrating CRM And Sales Enablement

Customers are the real employers in any business, and it justifies the term “Customer is king.” They can make or break your industry by merely choosing to spend the money on your business or elsewhere. Hence, no matter what your industry, the consumers gives it a sense of direction and purpose.

Deploying a CRM determines how well your company is going to perform in today’s market. However, the adoption won’t work without a proper sales enablement equation. Together, they are most active and helps sales reps to fulfill their tasks efficiently.

Who Can Benefit with CRM System?

Every business requires collecting and organizing customer data. It’s a non-forgiving job that could go wrong with marginal mistakes. Today, any small businesses should implement CRM to achieve long, significant results. Customer relationship management can benefit both sizable and small companies alike. In shorts, it’s as important as hiring an employee, and it can improve the sales up to 29%.

Why Should You Integrate CRM And Sales Enablement?

Apart for providing visibility in management, an integrated CRM can also cultivate promising customer relationship. So, there are three benefits of using sales tracker CRM:

It Can Save Time

CRM is a tool designed to track revenue and sales data across the sales team. The system’s role can sometimes make the representatives jobs difficult as they need to update CRM with accurate data. The main concerns arise due to the time required to enter data manually into the system.

The user should integrate CRM with sales enablement tool to overcome the deficiency in both management and individual contribution. It allows the sales reps to pull and push information during sales. In return, it reduces the time representatives require to finish upcoming activities.

It Helps to Measure Sales Efficiency

It’s no surprise that the CRM solutions can boost your sales. The system helps to pull reports on sales deals and provide detailed information of what moves the deal forward. Understanding the full picture enables the business to go ahead without facing any setbacks.

CRM paired with sales enablement tool makes capturing the data across deals much more accessible. It gives a more transparent image of what drives the revenue so that the seller can focus on improving their sales. The reports also enable sales reps to value meaningful contents to enhance customer relationship.

It Improves Efficiency

Retrieving follow up data isn’t the only place where CRM saves times. Preparing, presenting, and following up the results create more work for the sales representatives. That’s where the CRM tools come handy.

The feedback from sales opens up more area for efficiency. By using this data, the marketing team can suggest ideas to increase productivity. It also allows the seller to replicate the results and present the customer with what they need.


As we’ve seen above, a CRM system can save time, measure sales efficiency, and improve marketing efficiency if used accordingly. Integrating CRM with sales enablement tools makes it even more reliable for sales reps. Together, they make accessing the sales data more useful.

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