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Every effin’ year, I find out that I’m UNBREAKABLE

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Every time I take on a new school year I think it’s gonna break me.

And every time I take on another summer with 3 kids not in school I think it’s gonna break me

But every effin’ year, I find out that I’m


That us, mamas, we just are.

Solid af.

Tired, sure, but shatterproof.

Tough as…a mother.

We take on

homework battles and helping our kids navigate challenging social situations.

We take on

advocating for them, and modeling for them how to advocate for themselves.

We take on the pressure they feel to relieve them of some of it,

and we take stands,

sometimes opposite of them (when we know it’s to their benefit)

and sometimes side by side with them.

We take on

down time, teaching them how to spend it.

We take on money

and teaching them how not to [over]spend it.

We take on

summer reading and log hours arguing about it instead of logging minutes read.

We take on electronic use,

and search for that holy grail of balance.

We take on sibling fighting, and holy heck, it’s the sibling fighting that


‘Cause it’s incessant.

And often nonsensical.

And though, very much “normal,” I know,

it still drives me up a wall.

A wall I haven’t had time to clean in a while.

‘Cause time,

when your a mom,

there’s a general lack of it,

and with that,

a general lack of surety as to what task to spend any time we do have on.

You know…

I’m almost positive that I’ll never feel fully confident in or proud of all my adult decisions as a woman, wife or guardian to three fantastic beings,

but I am proud of how I always show up and TRY

…and that I try hard.

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