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Challenge: Back to School 2020

I'm sad for my kids, but I'm proud of them, too

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I’m all choked up.

Tomorrow my three will be woken up earlier than they have been all summer and we will embark on a fourth grade, first grade and prek4 e-learning journey.

This isn’t how I envisioned the beginning of the school year would go, but I never in wildest dreams would have thought we’d be living in the world are.

A world in which

our smiles are hidden behind our masks,

our children are encouraged to separate instead of come together,

teachers have to be ready to teach on a screen, jump through technology hoops, avoid digital pitfalls, keep other people’s kids engaged and their own quiet at the same time,

or have to go into their classroom fearing for their lives and that of their students with every cough, sneeze and look of malaise.

A world in which we can’t use the the neighborhood park equipment ‘cause we know those things never get cleaned and one in which we’re not trekking all over town to go to after-school dance, baseball, and swimming.

I’m all choked up ‘cause I’m sad for my kids.

Sad for them that this world isn’t giving to them all that it can.

But I’m also choked up ‘cause I’m proud of my kids.

Proud of them that they continue to give to this world all of them and all that they can.

Tomorrow will be no different.


next nine weeks,


or entire school year

will be no different.

“To be your best, give your best” and know that whatever that looks like it’s plenty enough.

Because you are plenty enough.

All of us are.

Pandemic or no pandemic,

what I know as an unwavering truth is that humans,

big and small,

are so very resilient and capable,

and I think if we focus on reminding each other of this, we can do a lot of good while riding out the bad.

I’m all choked up tonight.

Perhaps you are too.

So let me take this moment to remind you of your incredible strength and grit and to tell you that you’re an amazing human.

And so are you,

and you,

and you.

Now go out there, be true to yourself and give to all these future days whatever it is you’ve got left to give.

You’re gonna keep amazing yourself, and I’m glad I’m here for it.

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