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Challenge: My Dad Hero

He puts the phone down

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Too often the pressure of being the "best" parent has us focusing on things that don't matter that much. Did I get the best stroller? Is my Christmas card perfect? Do I need to sign my kid up for that too? At the end of the day my answer to what daddy does best is not arts and crafty, yummy or even creative. To some it may be boring.. but to us these are the things that have proven the most meaningful. These are the things I hope my kids remember.

He puts the phone down:

My husband is a busy guy. He works in another state and like most of us there's always business left undone. Despite the demands of running a company he always takes time to give our children his undivided attention. He puts the phone down letting them know no text, no tweet, no message, no espn score is more important than having an impromptu dance party in the living room. Our daughter recently told us "family is my favorite thing". When they're young the attention we give them translates to true love.I really believe that.

He sucks it up for tradition:


I cannot tell you how many of my co-workers have told me my husband is a good man and that their husband would "Never be caught dead in that!" From Fourth of July PJs, elf tights to a flying monkey costume I will admit the hubs is a team player when it comes to family traditions. My children love knowing what's ahead and enjoy being part of the creativity leading up to it. They live for these 'us' moments. Robert knows he looks ridiculous but he also knows life is too short to care.

He shows he loves me:

At my daughter's teacher-parent conference I was ready for them to lay it on me. I was shocked when the one thing they said my then 3-year-old had to work on was.. hugging. She was a hugger. Not an aggressive one, a sincere one. But at that age personal space is an important lesson.. I get that. The teachers said she was very inclusive and really cared about everyone in the class. At home me and the hubby are not a PDA couple by any means but my husband does show the kids he really cares about me. I have to believe that seeing a strong, caring relationship between those you love is comforting and rubs off in a good way.

(Robert caught dancing with Adora)

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