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Want To Know Why I Have Weekly Dinners With My Ex?

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People tend to be very interested in my family's dynamic for some reason.

Maybe it's because we have different skin tones, different hair textures and some of us look-alike and some of us don't.

Could people be intrigued when they hear my kids call us by our first names (more to come on that later)?

Or maybe it's because I can be seen at the same restaurant with either of two men depending on the evening.

Sounds like a pretty scandalous lifestyle huh?

Well I hate to disappoint you but my dinners with different men are actually innocent and even for good reason. Want to know why I have weekly dinners with my ex?


In case you haven't read my post about why my husband has to share me with another man, let me quickly bring you up to speed.

My son's father and I haven't been in a relationship together pretty much since our son was an infant. Now I will admit that those first few years trying to co-parent our son weren't easy, but even though I have been married to my husband for over 10 years, my ex is one of my very best friends.

Even more crazy is he is actually good friends with my husband.

I think the turning point was, once we got past the pain and hurt of our failed relationship, we realized that even though we couldn't make it work we have a son together and that makes us family.

Since my son's father and I don't live together and in fact live about 45 minutes away from each other, we always thought it was important, especially once our son started school, to meet each week (the three of us) and sit down to a family dinner.

Want to know why I have weekly dinners with my ex?

Because of my son, my person in life.

Want To Know Why I Have Weekly Dinners With My Ex?

So we can talk with our son together about school, sports, friends, relationships (now that he is getting older) and anything else that may be on his mind.

So we can show our son just because things don't always work out the way you think they should, or plan in your head, sometimes you get more out of the roller coaster of life.

Because together we created a fabulous child and I respect the father and person he has become, as well as the way he treats my daughter. Throughout this crazy journey we have found a way to co-parent in the most positive way possible.

So we can connect with our son and make sure he knows how loved he is, and that the three of us will always be family.

Want to know why I have weekly dinners with my ex?

Listen, I am the first to admit I may not always be the parent my kid's need me to be, but I want them both to always know how damn hard I try, no matter what situation we may be faced with.

I have weekly dinners with my ex because once I became a parent I wrote a note to keep with me at all times to remind that being a parent isn't about doing what is easy, it's about doing what is best for your child.

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