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Ethical and Fiscal Reward gained by shopping at TOMS

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Introduction to TOMS and ONE FOR ONE

TOMS have conquered the shoe industry with its classic, foot fitting most plush foot wear. The breezy, dapper shoes has become a must have staple in the closets Shopping at TOMS will not only get you most savvy toms while saving bucks but you also become part of the campaign which is helping and donating all around the world through its ONE FOR ONE policy. This policy gives the unique experience to customers of moral gain without spending a penny. This policy was invented by TOMS CEO Blake Mycoskie in 2006 when he visited Argentina. While he was there he witnessed the harsh living conditions and poverty faced by natives, how they were devoid of even basic necessities. This visit moved Blake Mycoskie and he decided to help the natives by donation furthermore developing programs to prosper their economy at the same time as profiting the company. ONE FOR ONE is not dependent on the contributions of people as it is inconsistent and unreliable, instead the policy ensures the donation of one pair of shoes for each pair of footgear bought. These shoes are donated over 70+ third world countries and has given away about 60 million shoes since its formation in 2006. Therefore purchasing at TOMS will not only get you your beloved pull-on other than that will also make you a member of campaign which is striving daily to lift up developing countries economy.


TOMS other than the contribution of shoes have furthermore started other innovative programs to aid people of third world countries while improvising their living conditions, such as;

Anti-bullying campaign

This program is initiated moreover is currently active in many states of US. This particular program is designed for the prevention of bullying. Teachers, students and other staff are given in-depth information and effects about the bullying. To help the victims of bullying, free consultancy by the professional counselors is given.

Eye sight

The people which are not able to meet the expense of their eye treatments get their treatment for free by ONE FOR ONE program. This program reaches to the individuals that are in need and immediately require the cure for their sight. The patients are chosen irrespective of their age and gender. For every purchase of eye-wear at TOMS they recommend treatments accordingly, it could be prescription glasses, medicines or surgery.

The birth kits

Most developing countries do not have suitable facilities or else skilled birth attendants, the program ONE FOR ONE provides with trained birth attendants and distribute birth kits containing items which are essential for a woman to safely deliver her baby. Since 2016, TOMS has provided services and birth kits for over 25,000 mothers.

Clean water

Another affiliation is TOMS Roasting Co. which was launched in 2014, it has provided over 335,000 weeks of safe water in 6 under developed countries. With each purchase of TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee 140 liters of safe water is supplied each week to a person in need. By the creation of sustainable water systems, it has provided entire communities with access to safe water, which leads to improved health, amplified economic efficiency, job creation and access to basic education.


Employment of natives

To boom the economy TOMS have positioned their factories of manufacture giving shoes in Ethiopia, Kenya, India, China and Vietnam moreover have employed their natives. This has helped to raise the employment ratio of the country giving a sustainable future. The TOMS employs the citizens regardless of their gender, ethnicity and religion, as well as offer them safe working environment which as well fulfills ecological responsibility. The TOMS furthermore has stern policy concerning prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor, human trafficking or otherwise. TOMS incessantly evaluate the effectiveness of operating procedures relating to modern slavery to corroborate fulfillment of laws, disclose legally mandated and/or voluntary information and, most prominently, make certain that effectual preventive mechanisms are in place. Each factory is required to certify compliance with these terms and conditions. TOMS have factory employee surveys as part of our audit process to enhance transparency within the supply chain. Furthermore audits also are performed yearly and scored on a graded scale for factory to receive an "accepted" rating. This ensures that a factory must not have any serious health, safety or labor issues in its facility. The regional factory which then receives an "accepted" rating is allowed to manufacture TOMS products for one year, when is year has ended the factory must once more go through an annual assessment and full audit for the renewal of contract.

Incredible Discounts for valued customers

Over the years TOMS have gathered countless loyal customers around the globe because along with great shoes they give the opportunity to customer to divulge in their economy raising campaigns all around the world. TOMS put forward amazing sales deals which has made it purchasable for every person.


Currently they are presenting 15 dollars off on shopping of 75 dollar purchase and 20 dollars off on 100 dollars purchase. They also have exclusive offers, such as for every 1 dollar spent it gives customer 1 point, on collecting 200 points the customer is given exclusive sale values plus free shipping for one year. Moreover it provides easy access, anniversary gifts, exclusive sales in addition to member discounts to its registered customers.


Before we wind-up we would like to ask you people, what do you think about ONE FOR ONE campaign? Did you feel the part of something bigger and better while shopping at Toms?

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