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Enroll Your Child Today For The Princess Charm School Class Of 2018

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My two-year-old was watching a Barbie princess movie where Barbie goes to princess charm school. While attending, she learns proper princess etiquette and other antiquated practices. It’s not the whole plot, I couldn’t focus long enough to get that fully, but it got me thinking—let's redefine what makes little girls princesses. My daughter is obsessed with princesses, at least dressing like one—but I want her to realize acting like a princess is so much more than tea parties and dinner table etiquette. Actually, doing those things isn't princess-like at all. Here is the proposed princess charm school for the princesses of 2018:

1. All princess students must learn to speak up: I want all my princess students to be able to express themselves and never be silenced. When there is something a princess feels uncomfortable with I want her never to feel afraid to say no. In the age of #metoo, I want my princesses to be prepared for signs of when to exit. I want them never to think being meek and innocent is more princess-like. Being a princess is being strong and confident. It is about knowing the difference between right and wrong and fighting for what is right. It is about making this world better by speaking up.

2. All princesses must support each other: When princesses come together they make each other better. There is room for many crowns on a throne. I am preaching for a stretch throne-like a stretch limo of the early 1980s level of cool throne. Let’s build each other up. Success breeds success. It’s nice to be ruling a kingdom with other strong, motivated princesses at your side.

3. Princesses can do anything: Oh, and they can get dirty doing it. They don’t have to be prim, proper, and put together. They can be real and raw and themselves—whatever that means for them. Boys can be princesses. There are no rules to being a princess. Princesses are themselves without apologies, and that's what makes them crown-worthy.

4. A princess may dress up and look pretty but what makes her beautiful is what she does: And princess you can do so much. What makes you beautiful is way beyond your appearance. What you do for others is what makes you beautiful. Your kind and caring heart makes you beautiful. Your intelligence makes you beautiful. Your creativity makes you beautiful. Your strong-will and uncanny sense of self makes you beautiful. We will put being beautiful into practice daily.

5. Princesses come in all shapes and sizes, and all bodies are equally beautiful and crown-worthy.

Enrollment is open. All are welcome.

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