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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Embracing Signs of Life

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The state of being I want to learn to enjoy?


I often scurry around our house looking to “reset” it. I rush to make it look “perfect” or “untouched”. I will admit that sometimes I resent the work I am doing- picking-up the same pair or dirty socks, washing the same mess from the kitchen counter, using magic eraser on ANOTHER scuff, washing handprints off of windows, picking-up the same pair of shoes… And in my quest for a life of reframing resentments and choosing gratitude, I realized that all of those things that I scurry to clean-up, are simply:


So, instead of being suffocated by the mess- and hurrying to erase it- I will choose to embrace these signs of life. A life that is messy and busy and mostly full of love. A life that is not about perfection, but process. A life that is full of moments to be grateful for- moments I don’t want to miss while I’m stuck in resentment. I’ll be honest, bringing order to the chaos that our homes can sometimes feel like is a lot of work. But, I never want to spend my time resenting the fact that the mess is there- because the signs of life in my home are the most incredible gift I could ever imagine. ❤️

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