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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

Loveeee the Holidays with LITTLES..

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Christmas may seem so stressful to you. The running, the gifting the cooking, singing, cleaning and oh the wrapping. Hurrying and tucking those kids in, telling them Santa won’t come if they are awake. Staring out the window with them one last time looking for the red blinking of Rudolph’s nose was always my favorite:) . Tip toeing down the hall peeking in to see if they are asleep. Dragging the gifts out that sucked every last dime out of an account after you worked your fingers to the bone just to see them smile.
Some of the Christmas’s I had just wished life would hurry and get back to normal. I couldnt wait for the day to just be over so I could finally relax. I also still never will understand how or why a box was way more exciting then the 4 ft $9274848.00 toy that came in it.

Today looking back, I see now that those were the good times. Being woken up with the words “Santa came mommy! Santa cameeeee” Memories were made along with the cookies and the ripping boxes open, the yay!! “Look mommy look what Santa brought me “ and the every house wrapping paper mountain. I miss the morning chaos, the fatigue, the sticky, candy-covered hands of my children, their tired eyes and excitement as the called all their friends to share “what did you get” I miss the exhaustion, I miss the mess, I miss them little❤️

My Christmas Eve was still spent tonight cooking, but I’m cooking alone with the dog. Eddies working & I’m looking at my tree with the presents already under it wishing I had gifts to hide from littles. I’m singing Christmas songs to pandora that we used to dance and sing loudly to. A text here and there asking “what time is everything” just isn’t the same. So 45 I want to sleep in texts later, we settle on the late morning/ afternoon.
I always knew this day would come 🙂 the amount of pride and how blessed I feel because I have 3 very successful, HUGE hearted children is more then I could ever imagine, but still a little sad because they all have lives of their own. I get a hour visit from them all tonight and after they left- I went to the memory box in my heart and found all the years of Christmases that I never knew how much I loved or how much I would miss❤️
Appreciate your night tonight and your Christmas day bo matter how chaotic it is because tomoro, you will have blinked❤️

Merry Christmas and God bless you all❤️

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