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Elf on the Shelf - Ayodeji Onibalusi to All Moms: Stop Feeling Guilty for Buying Luxury Items

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"I love that bracelet..." that statement is on the lips of every woman I've met.

"But, I can't buy it..." always ends the statement whenever it's a mom.

"Can't you afford it?"

"No, it's just... I just can't have it..."

Moms always feel guilty for going after the things they want, so far that thing is meant to make them feel good.

I understand there's a certain type of culture and *gosh* some kind of expectations moms have to live up to. The expectation that everyone's needs must come before hers' irrespective of how useless those other people's needs are, or how urgent and desperate hers' are.

I've had personal stories from several of our holiday luxury marketing bundle clients who keep telling us of how they can't seem to convince moms that they deserve luxury treatments.

"They know that they want it," Elizabeth told me. "They just don't feel like they deserve it. Like they would be punished for enjoying it. One client already paid for an item, she told us to cancel her order because she felt guilty wearing it." She said.

This is a regular occurrence with moms. And no, it's not about luxury items alone, so this is not buyer's remorse here. Moms feel guilty whenever they think they're indulging themselves. Even if it's just your regular good old massage.

"When it comes to ladies that are without kids, they're always giddy and happy to adorn themselves with our luxury products," Julia, one of our luxury marketing package client told me in a chat.

She says they don't really market their items to moms because they are the hardest to convince. Men of all ages, irrespective of the size of their family would swipe for that Gucci or Ferragamo shoes on impulse. But moms have a hard time spending the tiniest penny on themselves.

"But moms, they need a lot of talking to and convincing. It's not about the product or our price points, but its just about how they feel about themselves and the guilt they associate to spending on themselves." Julia said.

In the spirit of the "elf of the shelf", I'm telling all moms to give themselves a treat and spoil themselves to a luxury treatment. You know you want that luxury getaway, your body is telling you it needs that luxury massage, so why hold yourself back?

Girl go for it.

Ayodeji Onibalusi is the founder of Effective Inbound Marketing, a digital agency that helps luxury brands and sellers with marketing planning, digital PR, content marketing and digital marketing to get their branding message to their customers.

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