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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

Eagle Scout Projects: On Making Community Service a part of your Family

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All four of our boys have been involved in the Boy Scouts of America over the years, something I am very thankful for. Three of our boys are still active.

chris big group micki 11954734_10153291084584652_4132952553272203931_nOne of the big reasons that I appreciate Scouts is its emphasis on community service. Throughout the years a young person goes through the program, many opportunities are presented to give back to the community, with the final goal to complete an Eagle Scout Service Project to earn the rank of Eagle.

An Eagle Scout project is an opportunity to demonstrate initiative, leadership, and creativity by designing, planning, organizing and implementing a project that will benefit to the community.

My son Ryan and our family at his Eagle Court of Honor 2010

My son Ryan and our family at his Eagle Court of Honor 2010

My older son Ryan completed his Eagle Scout project creating a trail in West Linn in 2009; it took only one day because of the amazing family and friend support. Many people use the trail, which is part of a larger trail system in the city of West Linn.

And my twins, who are now 18, just completed their Eagle Scout projects last month. Spanning four separate weekends last month, my twins’ projects were all consuming for our family. It was really neat to have older brother Ryan there for all four weekends of the projects. Older sister Rachel and younger brother Gus were also there along with many family members, friends, community members, fellow Boy Scouts and their parents.

Micki Day 3- bridge getting up with ryan wes chris 11224724_10153305458174652_1454404427666836713_n Mickael Josef’s project was building a bridge across a creek on a path that connects two city streets. He and his army of friends and family gathered had to transport 8,400 pounds of cement from where we parked to the place where the bridge was to be built.

Micki designed the bridge, he worked with the city to get the bridge approved, and he invited friends and family and Scouts and church members and parents of Scouts to join him to help build the bridge. And he got to work. It is quite a solid structure and I am so proud of him.

Wesley group start of eagle 11052480_10153320052474652_5180688618480480810_n And twin brother Wesley built a kiosk and moved a bench to the start of a walking path that connects West Linn and Lake Oswego.

Holding roof kids wesley eagle 10987361_10153320052964652_3804398677664639503_n Again, two weekends of work constructing and gathering and leading dozens of friends and family and Scouts and parents of Scouts working to make this happen, after months of planning and preparing.

People have told us over and over again since my twins completed their projects, how much they are enjoying the twins’ proects in our community.

“Wow, that is some solid bridge that your son built for his eagle project.”

“I sat on the bench by the kiosk the other day.”

“I crossed over the bridge yesterday on my walk.”

“I see the kiosk everyday when I go to work.”

“Thank you so much for your sons’ service to the community.”

Family wesley eagle 12002226_10153338705249652_5290447352684652451_nfinal bridge group 11988717_10153307602339652_4658562422969033064_n

One of my parenting practices is to make community service a part of our family life.

Whether it is through Scouts or church or schools or non-profit organizations or City government initiatives or simply on our own, it is important to provide our families opportunities to serve in the community in which we live, to help make it a better place.

I remember going to Seaside on the Oregon Coast as a family to pick up garbage on the beach, an initiative of my daughter’s fifth grade teacher, which she coordinated with an organization called, SOLVE. Another time our family joined other church members to assist in a one-day clean up of West Linn High School. And, a huge highlight of our family life has been assisting a Sudan refugee family for years.

What kinds of ways have you served with your family? With your children? What kinds of things have your kids done alone in the community?

mr friedman and zack and dad IMG_2971

Carrying concret MJ and daryl

gus diggning jared and micki there 11898789_10153288928639652_3454311286347624188_n

Beam flex with gus micki group 11988213_10153300485624652_3844880200003413837_n

day 1 wesley daryl ryan pre eagle 12004147_10153320057404652_7725526267761229513_n

PAVERS GO IN 12006215_10153338711439652_7926446788461209992_n

Shannon larissa wesley eagle project day 1 12002763_10153320054524652_5908039078303916644_n

grandma came by wesley eagle 11988253_10153320061339652_5715922868039404611_n

Wesley completed eagle IMG_3859

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