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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

​Do You See Yourself?

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She's just a girl, born and raised in Eastern North Carolina and though she's walked the hills of Swaziland, her heart belongs to the sea. Do you see yourself?

She's just a mama, to four precious children that aren't such little people anymore. Do you see yourself?

She's just a sister, a little one who loved her big brother so very fiercely and then, at 15, the era of sisterhood was over. Do you see yourself?

She's just an average sort, the student that struggled to achieve a B average, failed Latin, and never could break a thousand on the SAT. Do you see herself?

She's just a new member, learning about this club called autism, a diagnosis that was pinned on her youngest son last week and she wavers between tears and fearful hope. Do you see yourself?

She's just a writer, one day a little over a year ago she decided that she had a story to tell, though it's not the story she planned. Do you see yourself?

She's just a follower, trying not to stumble on a path that is frightening and delightfully wondrous, not the path she chose. Do you see yourself?

She's just a woman, figuring out after 42 years that life is now not when. Do you see yourself?

She's just a scaredy cat, pretending she's confident and brave on the outside while her inside says run away, as fast as you can. Do you see yourself?

She's just herself, in awe of a life that sometimes feels like a passing meteor and rather than watch it fade away, she's caught a shooting star and realizes the joy is in the falling. Do you see yourself?

She sees herself.


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