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Challenge: Romance After Kids

Any man who willingly and contentedly champions his wife is a winner

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Hey Fellas,

You see that woman in the mirror?

She is so full of doubt.

She struggles with anxiety.

She's pretty insecure.

She's an introvert, masked as an extrovert.

She's needy, and she's dramatic.

She's over-analytical and loves control.

Do you know what else she is, though?

Really damn hard on herself.

She looks in the mirror often.

Sometimes to find herself.

Sometimes to gather herself.

Sometimes to see what her kids see.

Sometimes to see what you must see.


she looks in the mirror,

critiques herself,

and wonders how it is that you can love a woman who is so very different from the one

you met,

fell in love with,


and made babies with.

How it is that this

wrinkled face,



less fun and easygoing woman

still gets you going and makes you happy.

And because of her tendency to unrelentingly ponder whether or not

the passage of time,

the addition of children,

and everyday stress

has negatively affected your feelings for her,

you must be quick on the draw when it comes to




and encouragement.

Many women make a bad habit out of



and devaluing themselves.

Don't let yours.

Build her up, and don't let her tear herself down.

Not in front of you.

Not in front of the kids.

Not when she's alone in front of a mirror.

Not ever.

Any man who willingly and contentedly champion's his wife is a winner.

And do you know what happens to winners?

They get rewarded.

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