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Challenge: Keeping Your Cool

​Dear wild child

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Dear Wild Child,

If you don't break me, you're sure gonna make me.

Make into someone stronger than I ever thought I was.

Make me more patient than I ever thought was possible.

Make me practice self-restraint, self-regulation, and "the pause."

Make me work hard for your oh-so-worth-it love.

Make me relearn how to mother in a way that both accepts and honors who you are but gently guides you in the direction of ensuring that who that is, is humble, compassionate, motivated, inspired, faith-filled, respectful, at peace with you are, and unrelentingly kind and selfless.

Make me a student of your unsuspecting but surprisingly necessary sage-like teachings.

And, dear God, make me crazy.

My Wild Child,

If you don't break me, you're sure gonna make me, and sweet baby girl,

I'm along for the lifetime ride.

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