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Challenge: Why I Love My Mom Bod

Dear Self-Love Warriors...

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Self-Love Warrior: 🙋🏼‍♀️❤️⚔️

One who believes she is worthy of love always.

One who doesn’t let the opinions of others waiver her.

One who puts her own happiness, health and mental stability above all else.

One who chooses to do and say and think and act in her best interest always.

One who isn’t perfect.

One who makes mistakes.

But she loves herself anyway and always seeks to grow.

One who has scars—visible or on her heart...sometimes both.

One who has loose skin, and stretch marks and wrinkles and sun spots and bruises and veins and marks of a life well lived.

And she’s grateful for that well-lived life.

One who fights for her dreams.

One who is scared and does it anyway.

One who recognizes that every self-love warrior expresses her loveliness in her own way, in her own style in her own time.

One who knows that self love doesn’t mean a forced acceptance, but rather an overall feeling of love, joy and freedom to pursue whatever brings her the most happiness.

One who recognizes that it’s okay not to love everything about herself or her body but she doesn’t hate it either, neutral is okay.

One who is grateful for the path she has taken because it has led her here.

To love.

One who loves. Always.


Even when I felt (and looked) the most amazing my body ever has— I still felt very frustrated and ashamed about something that I have no control over—stretch marks and loose skin.

A hereditary condition and the result of bringing two amazing humans into this world. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I love these parts of me or that I’m proud of them. I don’t. I’d prefer not to have either. I WILL however tell you that I’m learning to accept them, accept me. Accept my journey. And someday if I want to have work done to have them removed, THAT'S OKAY TOO.

Self love looks different for everyone, I accept and love myself right now, in all stages, but that doesn’t stop me from striving for more.

Where my Self-Love Warriors at?! Raise ‘em up! Share this with your fave self-love warriors. Let’s change the stigma. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻



Photos by Noah Berg of Monochrome and Film

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