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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

Going to grad school as a working Mama, teaching my daughters they can do hard things.

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This picture perfectly captures what it looked like being in grad school and working while being a Mama.

Toddler dressed in full princess wear and baby with her hand on the food source- symbolizing the sticker behavior charts that were made between study sessions and pumping sessions that happened between work and class.
Graduation cap being pushed off by a little hand, much like homework assignments were pushed back past bedtime and work was pushed to the side for ear infections and ENT visits.
Mama looking a bit frazzled with arms full from juggling and a “what can you do” smile/laugh at the everyday chaos that kept attitudes humble.
But you know what stands out the most to me in this picture of balancing motherhood and career pursuing?

The two little faces looking up to their Mama as she does hard things and reaches for her goals. The two little faces that see their Dada lovingly and sacrificially supporting their Mama in her pursuit of those goals. The two little faces lit up with love for their Mama despite the missed bedtimes and fast food dinners. The two little faces that look to their Mama to be a role model. The two little faces that are learning from their Mama that they too can do hard things and reach for their goals.
And mostly- the two little girls who feel safe and loved in their Mama’s strong and capable arms.

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