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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

Dear daughters, thank you!

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Dear sweet daughters,

Thanks for second chances.

Thanks for understanding that I really don’t know what I’m doing each day and I’m winging it.

Thanks for your compassion towards me.

Thanks for your laughter, it fills each room you enter with joy.

Thanks for your wisdom about things I haven’t experienced.
Each day you teach me something new and for that I am blessed.

Thanks for the late night binge watching.

Thanks for the heart stopping moments while teaching you how to drive.

Thanks for the messy kitchens while baking together our favorite treat.

Thanks for the gobs of toothpaste in the sink, at least I know you brush your teeth.

Thanks for the friends stopping by bringing more laughter into our house.

Thanks for sharing with me the latest styles and your honesty when I wear something outdated.

Thanks for your soft voice asking me if I’m okay when you see I’m not.

Thanks for the quick chats over snacks in the kitchen.

Thanks for putting me in my place kindly when I need it most.

Thanks for loving me the unique way you do.

Thanks for sharing your deepest thoughts and your struggles.

Thanks for including me in your joyous moments.

Thanks for the kindness that seeps out of you and into our home.

Thanks for being you and only you, your true authentic self.

Thanks for the hugs... you know sometimes a mom needs those too.

Thanks for loving me, flaws and all.

Thanks for choosing me to be your mom.

Mom xo

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