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Stronger Together

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Before becoming a mom I never realized just how much I was capable of loving or doing. I also never realized just how much I didn't know, how much help I needed or how much I’d worry myself over whether I was doing this whole thing the right way anyways. Throw in the uncertainties we're all facing right now and this feels magnified more than ever. Motherhood has changed just about every part of my life. I’m grateful for and even embrace these changes (well, most of them anyways!) But I’m also grateful for what hasn’t changed, including the remarkable women I'm fortunate to be surrounded by, many of them also moms, who have given me friendship then and now.

Sure, circumstances have changed and from the outside things may look different…

  • Instead of trading clothes, we’re trading stories of our families to entertain and comfort each other that we’re not alone in this crazy adventure.
  • Instead of comforting each other over a break-up, we’re reassuring each other that we’re still good moms even when we say or do stupid things and begin to doubt about how good of a mom we really are.

But the good stuff that’s behind it all has stayed the same…

  • The unconditional support when we’re at our best or our worst; have something to celebrate or mourn.
  • The shared laughter that reminds us to not take ourselves or life too seriously.
  • The deep understanding, acceptance and appreciation of our strengths, quirks and everything in between that make each of us uniquely us.
  • The companionship to share life’s big and small moments together and the comfort of knowing we are in this together.

I think at this phase of life what amazes me most about these close friendships is the ability they have to remind me so clearly even in the midst of all the daily chaos, of exactly who I am. And if we’re honest, that can be easy to lose sight of some days. All it takes is a quick text, an old song on the radio or something to spark a memory - and I feel lighter & more grounded. Which I'm especially thankful for when I find myself living those less than Facebook-posting worthy moments.

Whether it's the old friends who have loved and accepted me before I even really knew who I was to the new friends who feel like newly discovered soul sisters...we may all think, look and act differently but it's something far greater that brings us together, makes us stronger and keeps us laughing along the way. These women make me better, inspire me in their own unique ways and are all worth celebrating:

For friends without children who remind me that there’s more to me than just being a mom, and how truly amazing the world is, offering so many adventures if you’re willing to just go after them. Thank you for your spontaneity and individualism (and for being so accepting when it seems I don’t have either some days) and thank you for the important role you play in our children’s lives.

For kids’ sports friends who start off as parents and become friends that make sitting in the cold and let’s face it sometimes long practices and games much more fun. Thank you for laughing with me, not at me, when I’m running late (again), for helping me keep things straight when I forget something (again) and for explaining the sport to me (again) when I don’t quite know what I’m cheering for or missed something my kid did (again). Let’s face it, this is where I spend my time now and I need you there.

For coworker friends who make having to go work a little easier and a lot more fun. Thank you for supporting me in all ways as we share grievances and laughs over things in and outside of work. You understand a part of me that most others don’t (which is probably my fault since I just really don’t like to talk about work!)

For neighbor friends who become more like family as we live our lives side by side. Thank you for making our house feel even more like a home. And for not judging me when I forget the windows are open & everyone just heard me yelling (I asked nice several times first, I promise!)

For friends far away who live different lifestyles in different places across the world. I love living vicariously through your adventures and love how you expand my world through your own. Thank you for making the distance not feel so far with how close our friendships remain and thank you for not finding me boring while I live out my life 10 miles outside of where I grew up.

For new friends who remind me how nice it feels to be accepted and a part of something new. We’re older now, know who we are and it’s fun to skip past the stuff we maybe wasted our time on earlier in life and just get straight to the good stuff – keeping it real, sharing a laugh (& ok, a cocktail too!)

For lifelong friends who don’t just know your quirks, but saw you grow up and understand exactly why you are the way you are. And love you just the same. Thank you for growing up with me all these years. We’re becoming better versions of ourselves the older we get and there’s no one I’d rather share it with than you. In a world filled with changes, thanks for being one of my constants.

For my best mom friend… mom, who shares a perspective, wisdom and understanding that only a woman whose walked the path before me could. It took growing up to become friends and I’m so glad that we are. Thank you for the selflessness, the unconditional love and the example you gave me for the type of mom, wife, friend and woman I want to be. It’s in becoming all those things that I see now with even more clarity all that are you and all that you have given to me.

We may not see each other as much as we'd like, but I carry you with me each day. And let’s face it, as these kids get older, they’re going to ditch us for their own friends and we’re going to need each other all the more – all over again!

So this mother’s day and every day, I recognize, celebrate and thank my dear friends. Moms or not, we all support each other, so I believe all women should be celebrated on Mother's Day (& every day!). Together we’re a force to be reckoned with and I couldn’t be more thankful or blessed to have you by my side.

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