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Challenge: NICU Parenting

Cub to a Lion, a warrior.

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The day started off the same as any other day. I was 30 weeks and 5 days. Nothing felt odd. I felt fine. No contractions, no odd pains, NOTHING. It was supposed to be a great day, as my niece was being born. I headed out to the hospital to help welcome my niece into the world, as my sister was being induced. Life was great. The anesthesiologist came in to my sisters room to do her epidural. I started having what I thought were either sympathy pains or braxton hicks, so I let it go. As time went on they gradually got worse, and way more painful. Tears began to come. I decided to go to the doctors office







to see what was going on. They take me back to the stress test room and were going to hook me up to see what was up. The nurse asks "Whats going on?" I reply with "The pain is just like it was when I was in labor with my other child", he was then only 10 months, 1 week and 2 days old. She decided it was best to talk to the doctor. She came right back in and said he wants me to go to the L&D floor. I went there. They put me in a tiny triage room and hooked me up to the monitors. A few minutes later the nurse comes in and checks my cervix. She says "I'm going to go get the other nurse and have her check, she has more experience". Eventually the other nurse comes in and checks me... doesn't say a word to me. She starts whispering to the first nurse that checked me.. I overheard her saying "I think you're right"... So i said "you think she is right about what?!" She says "I think you're in labor we're going to have the doctor come check you"... I start crying hysterically because IT WASN'T TIME FOR HIM TO COME, HES TO EARLY! The doctor comes in and checks me a third time. The family member that was with me called his dad immediately. He didn't believe her until he talked to me as i'm hysterically crying.. They moved me to a bigger room, still not knowing what was going on, as they wheel me into this bigger room i said "AM I HAVING MY BABY OR WHAT?!" They said "yes, you are fully dilated to a TEN"... life couldn't get any scarier than hearing those words.. I didn't know if my baby was going to be okay, I didn't know what to expect. No time for an epidural. My sister is two rooms down from me having my niece. My mom is injured, walking with crutches from room to room. My baby boy, Liam Tate was born at 4:39 pm weighing 3 lbs 15 oz, 17 1/2 inches. My sister and i had our babies 1 hour and 19 minutes apart, same last name, same day. I can only imagine what they will do in school. I can see them making jokes about being twins. LOL. He was absolutely beautiful and so so tiny! He had to be airlifted to a hospital an hour away. I didn't get to hold him for a full twenty four hours. Talk about feeling empty. I stayed up a majority of the night, thinking about the what ifs. Finally, i'm released. I'm finally able to go see my baby, but couldn't drive. The longest ride home. My sister was able to leave with her baby, and I had no baby with me. The worst feeling possible. I cried, the entire time. It wasn't fair. A few hours pass by, and we're on the way to see him, FINALLY. I will never forget the first time I actually got to see him, to hold him, and most of all comfort him. Tears flowed, of course. IV in the head, just this tiny baby with wires, and beeping noises. My baby didn't deserve this. Driving back and forth, as much as i could to see him, plus taking care of my oldest, it was rough and i wouldn't wish it upon anyone. He spent 45 long days in the NICU and is now thriving. He just turned 1 in June, and is catching up to his age group!

NICU moms, you're not alone. There is always someone out there needing to hear your story, needing that reassurance that everything will be okay, and needing to know that you are there.

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