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Challenge: Happy Birthday!

Covid Birthdays

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It's that time of year again
Your birthday's just around the bend
That means spending your big day
Surrounded by family and friends

Your fave restaurant or pub
Perhaps some karaoke too
Appears the list is endless
So many things for you to do

Shoot! Sorry! I take that back!
'Cause it's two thousand twenty-one
And just like twenty-twenty
It seems there's no such thing as fun 😒

Alas, your big day arrives
And you are pleasantly surprised
For once something is better
Than we have seen it advertised

Locked inside the calls come in
FB posts, text messages too
Showered with love and kindness
And thoughtful gifts made just for you

Similar to prior years
It's a day to make all your own
From the sunrise to sunset
Feels like you're sitting on a throne

Can I get you this or that?
What are you craving for dinner?
Hoping that the scratch ticket
Makes you out a birthday winner

Going out is great - no doubt
So someday soon we'll celebrate
Party after big party
Of which we'll all appreciate

There will be hugs and kisses
Blowing out candles with our friends
Those things we took for granted
Will be the world's new chosen trends

'Til then, hunkered down at home
Is where each of us can be found
I wonder if, when this ends
We will all miss bumming around?

Of course we will, we're human
And we want what we don't possess
All I know - my next birthday
Better include a cocktail dress!

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