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Conversations with Dad

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Parenting is hard. But it's even HARDER to do it on your own. That is why I feel so blessed to have my husband by my side, getting his hands just as dirty as my own.

After all, who would explain to our four year old daughter where babies came from in the most awkward way imaginable, if not for dad? And where would my daughters have inherited their quirky little personalities from? My husband plays just an important of a role in raising our children as I do, if not more. I mean, all little girls need their daddy. Right? He is the one they want to snuggle up to at the end of a long day. He is the one they ask to do fun things with. He is the one they confide in when something is getting them down.


And to be honest, the conversations that he has with our girls are the highlight of most of my days.

Here are some of my favorite:

In Defense of Dad

4yo: Daddy, what does the hulk look like?

Hubs: Well, he is just a regular guy, like daddy...

11yo: Except daddy is short, so he is probably taller.

9yo: DON'T SAY THAT ABOUT DADDY! He isn't short. He's just chubby!

Me: *hysterical laughing*

Hubs: Okay! Okay! So the hulk isn't really like daddy...

9yo: It's okay daddy. You are nicer and much better to snuggle.

A Fast Learner

Me: (To hubs) I am taking some cash out of your wallet...

Hubs: *counting cash* Well, that leaves me with $65 for the week, that should be good...

4yo: (running in from the other room) DADDY! Can I borrow $65?

When Good Girls Go Bad

4yo: (cuddling up to her daddy and being all lovey-dovey) Daddy, I got a headache.

Hubs: (kissing her forehead) Oh, I'm sorry honey!

4yo: (super sweet) Wanna know who gave me a headache?

Hubs: Who did, honey?

4yo: It was you.

Who's My Big Boy?

4yo: (jiggling her dad's belly and talking to him like you would talk to a dog) Who's my big boy?! Who is?! (giggling) YOU are! Oh yes you are! (blows raspberries on his stomach)

Daddy's Girls

He is also my co-conspirator. I can't even imagine my life without him. We battle this adventure called parenting side by side, through the good and the bad and the hilarious. And most days, we survive by finding the humor in the craziness that is our life, which I in turn, blog about. Here are some of my favorite conversations between him and I:

A Man's Gotta Eat

Hubs: Ooooh, I REALLY wanna go to the buffet today... But it's soooo expensive...and the kids....we gotta make this happen!

Me: Ya gonna sell a kidney?

Hubs: ALMOST! Knock of the end of that word and you've got it! Heeeey kids! Come here! Daddy's got something he has to discuss with you...

Smart Parenting

Hubs: It is getting late, we should probably call the kids in...

Me: (looks at clock) Do we HAVE to? It is so peaceful in here right now. Can't we just leave them out there? They'd be okay out there overnight, right? They could always sleep under the deck...

Hubs: Or in the car!

Me: YES! Besides, it's not even dark yet. Let's not give up so easily. (goes back to watching TV)

Five minutes later-

Hubs: We are bad. You know that, right?!

Me: Nah. We are just smart. Now shut-up before you jinx it.

You see, dads are so important. They coddle and nurture, discipline and correct, care for and protect. They share in the ups and downs, the crazy out-of-control moments, the fun and the heartache.

They parent.

Just like mothers do.

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