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Challenge: Life Changes

Changing With Your Teen

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Teenagers need a lot of privacy and alone time.

That's just where they are in their developmental stage, it's not personal.

He's pulling away a bit, and beginning to individuate from our beliefs and attitudes.

He's trying on his own beliefs and attitudes, as he should.

He's using those wings we nurtured all along.

And it hurts. It sucks. It's lonely at times.

Where did my little boy go?

I miss the days we were inseparable.

We have a choice, as parents....we can take it personally and pull away ourselves, or we can continue to let them know they are missed, wanted, and loved.

We can continue to reach out in ways they can understand, asking for what we need....and ultimately what they need as well, or we can stick with what we know and expect them to come to us.

We can let conflict rule our homes, or we can let connection be the guide.

We can assume they obviously don't need us, or we can cultivate an understanding that they will always need us, it will just look a bit different.

We can feel shut out, or we can look for ways to fit into their life they are building.

We can assume we don't "get them" anymore, or we can work to understand their world.

We can let their language be foreign, or we can watch their YouTube channels, and get familiar with the lingo and the characters in their world.

Let us choose connection today.

I am mindful that my man-boy is much more boy than man, and it is up to me to hold that prickly hand until he chooses to let go.


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