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Changing The World, One Heart At A Time

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Fellow parents, we’re scared aren’t we? The condition of the world around us is painful, infuriating and instills a fear within us that only those with the responsibility of raising the next generation could feel. I have been filled with emotion and almost can’t look at my kids without tearing up these days. They deserve more. We deserve more. It’s almost too much to bear, but we must not back down. We can not become crippled by the negativity and fear. I know it all seems so overwhelming. How can one person possibly tackle the massive problems of the world? The answer might be simpler than it seems. It starts within us. It happens in our hearts and when we choose to focus our energy on the good the entire universe will be affected by it. You know the whole “think globally, act locally” thing. Every moment we feel pain, fear or anger is a gift. It’s a gift because in these moments we get to choose who and how we want to be. We get to rise up to the occasion and every choice made in love reveals our purpose on this planet.

It’s the law of attraction, “like attracts like.” The energy we choose to put out has the ability to change the frequency of the entire universe. We can choose high frequency energies (love and peace) or low frequencies (hatred and fear). What we want for our children should be what we want for the entire human race. Since I have had children I am so much more aware of how we are all connected; all from the same source. If my belief is true then changing the ways you interact with those around you has the ability to soften the hearts of every single person on this planet. Bleeding heart? Maybe. But for now it’s working for me so I feel compelled to share what’s in my heart. I believe if we can all do the following then a chain reaction is inevitable.

Forgive- find someone in your life that you don’t think is worthy of your forgiveness. One who has instilled anger in you for far too long. Forgive them. It’s not about them, it’s about you and clearing your heart. A pure heart will have pure intentions and want the best for those around them. If we can look at the outside world and forgive others for their sins but can’t find it in our heart to forgive a family member or a friend then we might have some work to do.

Accept- take an entire day and accept each and every person you encounter for exactly who and what they are. Don’t judge, don’t change, don’t criticize. Choose to see that we are all here for a purpose; all following different paths. We can’t know what someone else’s experiences in this world should be. Maybe that one day will turn into weeks and months and eventually our way of life. If we have acceptance in our hearts right here and now we can begin to empathize with the masses.

Love- this sounds simple, right? Not always. I’m not talking about the people in your life like your partners and children that you are already “in love” with and therefore are easy to love. But love the shit out of everyone and everything. Seriously try it. Love is not only an action but a state of being. BE LOVE. To the mailman, to the cashier, to your coworker, your neighbor- act lovingly in all of your interactions. Act lovingly when our minds tell us the other person doesn’t deserve it. Act lovingly when we are scared and uneasy. Be love when you have so much pain you want to hate. Watch how those around you will begin to shift.

Understand- There are reasons why people do what they do. Why they are who they are. Let’s stop being personally insulted by them and seek first to UNDERSTAND. When we choose to understand another person we strengthen the connection we have. We can begin to see ourselves in them and can begin to see how we are truly all one. Of course this isn’t always easy, we are human beings, but try to make it your automatic response when you feel wronged to try to understand where it came from. This doesn’t mean we don’t get to have boundaries, it just means that we have so much peace within that we are above taking things personally and we only have empathy to give. Can you imagine is world where every person felt empathy? How could you ever hurt another?

Appreciate- When you can be grateful for every person and experience in your life you automatically take away your mind’s desire to label and judge. Who are we to say what things are good vs. bad and who and what are deserving of our appreciation? Practice appreciating all people and situations today. Appreciate them for revealing your life’s purpose. When people knock us down OR lift us up they are giving us an opportunity to become better. During the good times AND the hardships we are given an opportunity to choose the type of reaction we want to have and the type of person we will be. Appreciate it all. It’s all meant for our growth if we choose to see it that way. A grateful and appreciative heart will then naturally love and accept their fellow human being as if we are all part of a bigger plan.

Listen- we all want to be heard. To be seen for who we are. The problem is we are all so busy and caught up in our own nonsense that we rarely listen (like actually listen) to what others are trying to tell us. I guarantee if you look for it you will see how there are many times throughout the day that a person you encounter is trying to share their heart with you. Try to open you ears and your heart and don’t dismiss these people. If we can be a genuine and understanding shoulder to cry on we will instill HOPE. Just one person with renewed hope will inevitably pay it forward.

Pray- prayer is not inaction. It also does not have to be faith-based. Whether you believe you are asking for assistance from an actual entity or not, prayer can absolutely be a proactive way to change the climate of the emotional world around you. I believe that because the universe is made up of energy we have the power to make it give us what we want. But we have to believe that we deserve it. You can choose good thoughts or bad and the world will mirror back reflective circumstances. What could it hurt to try to use your mental energy to ask the universe for what you want?

Help- I believe the majority of us are still good and are most likely helping others on a daily basis. Don’t stop and do it even when it is an inconvenience for you. Do not let this harsh world give you a hardened heart and make you closed off to others. Look for ways to help every day. That person you returned the shopping cart for or the one who you helped change a flat tire might have been that one person who recently lost hope in the world and with one single action you can help to change their outlook. A changed outlook will slowly change the world.

I must do something. Anything. Maybe I can’t change the minds and hearts of the world but if I can do it within myself, within my own home, within the hearts of my children, within the heart of my husband and anyone else who is in my life, then just maybe the ripple effect will be far greater than I could dream possible. We have more power than we realize and we can utilize it here and now. Set your intention to do the same, we are all in this together.

Love to ALL,
The Enlightened Mama

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