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Camera Shy No More With A New Healthy Me

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Cameras scare me. I just don’t feel comfortable in photos. Posing for the camera is just not my thing, especially since my weight gain is pretty obvious.

Photos are lasting. Once they’re out, they’re there to stay. Even when I was a lot younger, I was just not comfortable in front of the camera. I always made sure I smiled just right. Bottom line, I was too conscious in front of the camera. Friends and family would always say something about my mouth or the way I smiled. Unfortunately, there were some people who were just really mean.

Things aren’t any better now that I am older, most especially with my weight gain. If there’s one thing that’s hard to hide from the camera is weight. As a matter of fact, the camera makes us look a lot heavier.

This interesting article cites that the lens of a camera actually makes us look different. Of course, there are other factors like lighting and angles but basically, the lens has a huge effect on how our image is translated on a photo. For someone who isn’t comfortable in front of the camera, that’s not a comforting thought.

So now that I am older and a bit chubbier, it’s pretty hard to make friends with the camera. Well, up until I came across this article written by a mom who made a New Year’s resolution not to hide from the camera anymore. After giving birth, she had gained some pounds. With her weight gain, she lost her confidence in front of the camera. That is something I understand very well. However, she chooses not to hide from the camera anymore and I am inspired to do just that as well.

The New Year has brought me a lot of inspirations. I have always struggled with my weight and hopefully this year, I can finally overcome it.

Some of my mom friends have discovered a weight loss plan that seems to be working pretty well. They actually are enjoying Bistro MD because there’s not much hassle to get into it. Thanks to my mom friends, I was inspired to try it out. I am just on my first two weeks but I am looking forward to some positive results, not just physically but emotionally as well.

Now that I am older, I have realized that weight loss is not just about being vain. It’s about being healthy and being healthy is about being real and true to myself.

In this photoshop era where it’s very easy to erase a double and a thick waistline, it’s pretty hard to stay true to ourselves. It’s either we pose in front of the camera and manipulate the images or simply hide from it. For years, I have chosen to do the latter.

With a good healthy diet that focuses more on long-term results and inspiration from moms who keep it real, I am not going to let the cameras scare me anymore. I am going to face it and give it a good smile. Then I am going to look beyond the image. No matter how the lenses try to translate my images, I am not going to shy away from the cameras anymore.

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