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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

Break any rule that'll buy you a play day with your kid

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We're breaking the rules today.

We're playing hooky from



and household responsibilities.

And, don't worry, I didn't just tell on us.

This straight-laced goody-goody planned to rebel it up and kinda got it "approved" first.

Not that I, as a mother, need others to accept the decisions I make when it comes to how I parent my kids, but there's something to be said for sharing your honest line of thinking that pulls others on board.

And so,

with perfect e-learning zoom attendance for my three kids since March of 2020,
my husband and I's decision to blow off any kind of unfun work and to only work towards having an amazingly fantastic family day was met with kudos from their supportive educators who know how hard the kids have worked and how hard we have worked.

The wonkiest school year ever is coming to a close, folks.

Likely to be followed by a semi-stressful summer that will lead to another school year that presumably won't look like any of those pre-covid.

So break the rules.

Not all of 'em and especially not the ones that say "WASH YOUR HANDS" and "WEAR A MASK" because until our kiddos under 12 can get vaccinated, THAT IS STILL IMPORTANT.

But break any rule that'll buy you a play day with your children.

They need those, that's for sure, but damn, if you don't need them too.

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