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Boots and a toothbrush

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When I was a little girl, I desperately wanted the wooden block, open toed, Clark sandals with the navy blue strap.

Unfortunately, my wish never came true.

Maybe it had more to do with me needing to wear corrective shoes, for a bone issue from birth, and my mom not being able to wrap her head around the thick wooden heel, with zero support, being a good idea.

But I would lay in bed at night, signing “Jesus loves me”, the lyrics hanging next to my bed in a frame, dreaming of those shoes and wishing I had the blue ones like my friend Jessica.

Who knows, maybe my six year old self believed if Jesus loved me those beautiful perfect shoes, with the gold buckle, would appear the following morning.

Fast forward and now grown out of my brown corrective shoes, my cherished cowgirl boots have taken the place of the once wished upon Clarks.

When I say cherished, I truly mean it. These boots are loved.

As my uncle so poignantly reminds us in his sermons, we are not supposed to love shoes or love Taco Bell.
We are not supposed to love a certain blanket or love burritos.
We are to love people, love one another and not love objects.

Friends, to be honest though, I own two items which are one hundred percent my own and rather than love those items let’s just say I adore and appreciate them.

Living in a house with four teen daughters, having two items, for just me, is something I hold onto tightly.

My beloved two items…
cowgirl boots and a toothbrush.

Honestly friends, two items.
Two items all to myself.
Two items which are only mine.
Two items no one else touches.
Two items which are solely my own.

Everything else is a free for all with my girls.
Every item they are free to take.
All of it is considered theirs as well.

Deodorant… no where to be found.
Eye make up remover… every night I’m searching for it.
Underwear… who knows!
Bras…nope! Can’t find those either.
Hairbrush… have you seen my hair? Most days a brush doesn’t see it.
The shirt I planned to wear today, gracing one of their bodies as they munch on a waffle before school, no problem.
I’m okay with it.

But friends, my cowgirl boots…
those are a different story.

These boots are the Clark sandals from days past.
These boots I eyed for a long time.
These boots I bought as a gift to myself.
My very first big purchase.

They wrap me up in comfort.
They pick me up when I’m down, bringing a smile to my face, as I squeeze my body into my boot legged jeans and pull the soft leather on over my foot.

These boots are my story.

They are love.
My little wish from so long ago coming true.
My own little secret within me.

So yeah, it may seem selfish to some, but a girl needs her own boots and toothbrush.

And more importantly, a girl needs her wish to come true every now and then, even if it’s in the form of boots.

Hang in there, Mama ❤️

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