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Challenge: Show us your clean-up competition!

Purge, baby, purge. Less is best!

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Our house consists of my husband and I, our seven kids ages 17 to 9, our two giant dogs, chickens and our horse in the front yard.

Over the years we have learned less is best. Each kid has a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of boots, a pair of sandals and snow boots. A week of clothes. Few toys and even fewer books. Why? We play outside. We make up our own games. We create, sew, crochet, paint, build. We go to the library, learn to use the Dewey decimal system, have access to the entire world.

Our end tables the 13's built from a 2x4 scrap pile-learned from a sketch online. (they will last a lifetime!) Our entry way bench, we built (free materials cobbled together and its fantastic!) My favorite rugs, I made. (Amish toothbrush rag rugs- you tube!) Our hats, the 9 & 10 made. (Looms are awesome!) Our paintings on the wall the 17 painted. (Encourage the kid while getting beautiful artwork!) The chicken coop we built from scraps. (And the chickens love it!)

Less is best. Make due. Build it. Try.

Dont be afraid to have a table that needs a shim. You may have paintings that don't exactly make sense. Your rugs aren't going to match. Your bench may have a spot or two with no finish. Your quilts may have crooked lines and a confusing array of prints and colors. But, you know what? Your kids will be proud when they look around and see their things not only in use but on display.

Kids don't need 8 million legos, 73 pairs of pants and 43 pairs of shoes. There is no need for latest and greatest. Be humble. Be greatful. And enjoy that wobbly table.

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