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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

Birthday Ideas that Teach Kids about Charity

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It’s never too early to start teaching your children about charity and the importance of helping those in need. As contradicting as it sounds, their birthday can be a perfect time to teach empathy and care for the community they live in. While it’s always fun to celebrate our child’s birth with cake, singing and candles, doing something nice for others can be a great activity that leaves a more lasting memory than any gift they could unwrap that day. Below we have compiled a simple list of ways to encourage our children to participate in charitable acts as part of their next birthday celebration.

Nonperishable Food Donations In lieu of Gifts

When you send out the birthday invites, note for guests to bring nonperishable food items in lieu of gifts that will be donated to the local food pantry. Have your children involved with dropping off the food donations to a local pantry so they can experience the positive impact it makes.

Donate Toys

Take the opportunity to have your toddler pick out toys to donate to kids in need. To find a child to sponsor, you can call local shelters with news of your child’s giving birthday mission and we are sure they will gladly oblige. Have your child go with you to the store to pick out toys that will be enjoyable and meaningful for your sponsored child and then deliver the gifts together!

Non-Profit Donations

Pending your child’s age, have them research and select a non-profit organization they would like to donate to like to ask others to donate in their behalf. With so many wonderful organizations, there is bound to be at least one that speaks to issues most important to your child. Based on our own research, we found an incredible organization that we will be making a donation to called the United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties (UCPLA) since they make major positive impacts to the Cerebral Palsy community. Click here for more information on this great non-profit!

Bake Cookies for Police and Fire Departments

It is mutual beneficial for kids to interact with your local police and fire departments as they appreciate knowing their community as much as your kids enjoy meeting them fade to face. Baking cookies for these hometown heroes is not only fun and a good way to show appreciation but it is a yummy treat you all can enjoy too!

Plant a Tree

Making a positive impact on the environment by having your child plant their own tree. While trees are just plain good for the earth, they also provide homes and food for many different species, as well shade and protection for your family. This activity is sure to be a big hit with your little as most kids welcome opportunities to get messy digging in the dirt. Want to make it extra special? Take a picture of your child standing next to the tree each year to document who is sprouting fastest!


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