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Best Forehead Thermometer To Check Your Sick Baby Quickly

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Have you noticed a change in your baby’s behavior? Is your kid more passive but would cry like crazy because he feels uncomfortable? If there’s anything strange going on, held out your hand and checked your child’s temple. Does he feel hot? If you want to know for sure, you better use the best forehead thermometer in town to ensure you’re thinking just that.

Once you see your baby being feverish and all, you have to run to the store and buy a specially-made thermometer for them. It’s pretty tragic seeing your child feeling uncomfortable. So, don’t just stand there, do something! Here’s our guide on showing you which is the best forehead thermometer to use.

Baby Thermometers vs. Hand Checked


If we think there’s something wrong with our kid, we automatically raised our hand against their temple to check if their body temperature is that hot. But it wouldn’t give you any good results. Your baby might also be really hot, and that’s just his normal temp!

To ensure accurate measures, a thermometer is needed to monitor the changes in your child’s fever. It can tell you whether it’s high time to visit the doctor or watch until the temperature passes away. Remember, try giving your child a modern thermometer instead of the old, mercury ones. For heaven’s sake, the latter is quite dangerous!

The Different Types Of Thermometers In The Market

There are plenty of thermometers in the market today, and it’s no wonder that most parents will have a hard time choosing each of them. You’ll be surprised to know that for babies, there’s a thermometer tailored for them and can be used in the ears, rectum, forehead, armpit, or mouth. But which of them is the best forehead thermometer for your child?

Oral thermometers


It’s one of the most common and affordable thermometers to buy in the market. You simply place the item in your kid’s mouth for it to read the temperature. However, this type of thermometer is great for older kids to use because these age groups are less fidgety and have a complete grasp of what the thermometer is for.

Though it can be used for babies with supervision, overall, it’s relatively hard to use them for the young ones. You have to wait ‘til they’re older.

Armpit thermometers


The name says it all. It’s tucked under your baby’s underarm so that it can get its readings. Like oral thermometers, armpit thermometers are good for older children because they don’t squirm or fling their arms around. Babies have a reflex to twitch and turn on their sides.

It is found out that an armpit thermometer can be a bit inaccurate because the item takes its readings from the exterior skin tissues.

Ear thermometers


This thermometer is inserted into your child’s ear canal, and with the device’s infrared sensors, it can read the temperature of your child. Ear thermometers often provide the best readings and are considered safe, easy, and quick to use. Nonetheless, it can be pretty uncomfortable for your child.

You can try using an ear thermometer once your baby reaches six months of age. It’s not advisable to use on younger babies because their ears are still developing and might cause complications when the thermometer is placed inside.

Rectal thermometers


Do you want the most accurate body temperature readings? A rectal thermometer might just do the thing. Sticking it up to your baby’s bottom is the closest thing to your child’s core heat temperature. Moreover, it’s also one of the most affordable devices to buy in the store. The downside? It can be pretty uneasy for your child. I mean, who wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with something sticking in your butt?

Also, though the thermometer is excellent for newborns, parents should be careful in placing it inside their child’s anus. Placed too further and the child can get injured for that matter. Also, why would anyone put a thermometer in a place where kids poop?

Forehead thermometers


Highly accurate, forehead thermometers are easy to use because all the parent can do is simply swipe the device onwards and backward of the baby’s temple. After a given period, the thermometer calculates the readings before flashing the final temperature. What’s ideal about the device is that it does not penetrate any body parts of your child, leaving your kid a little comfortable.

Its non-invasive properties will likely get accurate readings even from a fidgety or colicky child. Just remember to wipe your kid’s forehead now and then, so that the thermometer will take the exact measures.

Have you found the thermometer for your kid? Other than five of these thermometers, other products in the market may serve as devices to measure your kid’s hot temperature:

  • Temperature stickers – these are “thermometers” stripped to your child’s skin for body readings
  • Pacifier thermometers – it acts as a pacifier while taking the body temperature of your baby. It can be proven difficult if the device is faulty. It might choke your child
  • Non-electronic temperature indicators – some these devices are strapped on your child like a waistband or bracelet for it to calculate its readings.

So far, what’s proven to be the best are the forehead thermometers in the market. It won’t annoy your kid, and it won’t frustrate you when you’re taking your child’s fever readings. The said devices won’t even fool you of their results.

So, how to buy one and what should you be looking at if you want one? We’re going to help you with finding the best forehead thermometer for your baby.

What To Look For In A Forehead Thermometer?

Forehead thermometers themselves have unique features and designs a parent must watch out for. All of the devices might have similar characteristics, but the brands differ from each forehead thermometers in the marketplace. What to look for when these thermometers aren’t the same?

Accurate measures

This is the number one important thing to look for in a forehead thermometer. Heck, taking the body temperature of your child is main reason why you have to buy one. And when you buy one, it has to measure the right readings. If a thermometer is not accurate, then what use it is to you then?

Safety procedures

Does the thermometer have accessories or additional parts that can be easily taken off by a child? Be careful with that! It’s best to have the thermometer protected on its case so that your child won’t be able to “play” with it.

Consistent measurements

Following accuracy, the thermometer must have a consistent measure to know that it’s capable of delivering correct results. To illustrate, if you’ve taken your kid’s temperature first at 38°C, then took another one at 36.6°C, and another one at 37.2°C, with only a minute apart, then, that’s just plainly confusing.

Easy to use and clean

Being a parent is hard enough, so, fidgeting the thermometer for usage to your already fussy baby can give you the headaches. More importantly, you have to clean the device well, free from germs and dirt hiding in its ridges. Not only will the thermometer become faulty, but instead of monitoring your kid’s fever, it will, instead, be the cause of it.

Speedy results

Do you want a thermometer that would give results in a matter of seconds? Before then, it’ll take you three to five minutes to do so, but with modern devices, it’s now only a couple of jiffies, and, boom – there’s your results.

These are the main factors you should look for in searching for the best forehead thermometer. But in other cases, most of the products have extra or special features to make things a lot easier and convenient for the parent.

Other features of the thermometer


From LED lights to smartphones, here are some of the features in a forehead thermometer:

  • Light display and its size. The backlight of the thermometer and its size will help you read easily your child’s temperature especially at night when you’re monitoring their fever
  • Beeper. Does the device make a sound when it made its results? At least it gets mommy noticed that the thermometer had finished its analysis, right?
  • Temperature indicator. How do you know if your child’s fever is serious? Some thermometers come with a warning in different kinds of colors like green is for normal, yellow for mild, and red for serious fever and chills
  • Memory thermometers linked to a smartphone. There are forehead thermometers that are connected to an app in your phone where it can save your baby’s temperature. It’s pretty handy especially when you’re comparing your kid’s temperature from yesterday.

And now, we’re going to ask you. Have you seen a thermometer to your liking, yet? If not, we’ve rounded up the best forehead thermometer in the market today.

Best Forehead Thermometer Reviews For 2017

#1. Braun Forehead Thermometer



The non-invasive approach of the thermometer makes it ideal for most parents when checking their kid’s temperature. Gentle and easy to use, just swipe the Braun in your child’s forehead and voila! Instant readings. What’s more is that it has a color temperature indicator that can give calculations in green, yellow and red.

The device is safe and hygienic to use and also works great with infants, toddlers, teens, and adults. So, even if your kid has gotten a few years older, the Braun can still be used.


  • It gives speedy results within a matter of seconds
  • Easy use and easy clean for parents
  • Color-coded results and number display
  • Great backlight for dim-lighted rooms or during at night
  • When used correctly, the Braun can give accurate results
  • Minimal effort to take your child’s body temperature


  • If not used properly, it may have inaccurate readings
  • No memory stored of previous readings
  • Best for: Parents who just need an ergonomic device to measure their child’s fever. Its functions boast of a safe and easy-to-use device while providing convenience with its backlight monitor.

#2. iProvèn Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function



This thermometer can measure your baby either by ear or forehead. Praise the versatility! For just about five to 10 seconds, iProven can measure your baby’s temperature in no time. And for mommies to know that the measurement is done, the device will beep loudly enough to be heard despite with a crying child!

Remember to keep it clean and oil-free. It’s a bit sensitive to dirt and grime. Plus, if you want to recall your previous readings, iProven can display 20 prior analyses for comparison.


  • Versatile product
  • Easy to use and easy to clean device
  • Consistent and reliable readings
  • If your kid is fidgeting and colicky, an easy swipe and loud beeper will be enough for you to have a convenient measurement
  • It comes with a fever alarm to know how serious the ailment is
  • The thermometer has a memory of up to 20 preceding readings for comparison


  • If not taken care properly, the product will not be able to display accurate readings
  • Best for: Babies who are fussy and crying because they’re upset! With iProven, mommies are sure to monitor their child without any problems at all because of its features.

#3. TempIR Body Temperature Thermometer



For a total hygienic, non-invasive thermometer, the TempIR offers an infrared way of measuring your child’s fever. No touch, no skin contact, it helps not to contaminate anyone else in the room or near your sickly child. Just place the device 5 cm away from your baby’s temple to get a great body reading.

It won’t totally disturb your kid once you’ve taken his temperature! Fever alarm feature of the product is great. The beeper for the fever measurement can be disabled if you want your baby to sleep and rest well.


  • Fast and super safe for children
  • Very hygienic because you don’t have to touch your baby’s temple when he is sick
  • Will not disturb the resting or sleeping child
  • The device is easy to use
  • Its fever alarm is ideal for letting parents know of the severity
  • The sound of the thermometer can be disabled, so as not to startle the child


  • Because parents are holding up the item, some are questioning the accuracy of the readings
  • Built of the product
  • Best for: Parents who do not want to disturb their children sleeping or resting because of their feverish state. They can just creep up, take their child's temp stealthily, and go. Kidding. But, this one is unobtrusive.

#4. Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer Tat-2000c Scanner



Exergen would like to put its feet forward as its Arterial Heat Balance measures the correct readings of your child’s fever. This thermometer emits red LED lights and will beep if the scan is done correctly. So, a nice, gentle swipe of the device would suffice enough.

And according to the manufacturer, the device takes 1,000 readings per second and chooses which is the most accurate.


  • It takes accuracy really serious and might be the next thing best to a rectal thermometer
  • Takes little disturbances to your child while swiping it on his forehead
  • Sensitive to your baby’s heat, it’ll read it once and analyze it directly
  • Won’t disturb your little one for that matter
  • It takes its measurement in the arteries – which is one of the closest things to finding the accurate body temperature
  • Consistent findings made this device high-quality made


  • It has one of the most accurate readings, but it will take the time to practice and perfect in swiping the thermometer in line with the arteries in your baby’s forehead
  • It’s very delicate to the warmth of the environment. It might take a reading of it too, instead of your child’s fever.
  • Best for: Parents who are go-getters and would take accurate readings of their child’s body temperature. According to the market and almost 2,000 reviewers, it’s the closest thing to a rectal thermometer. They just have to practice it.

#5. Generation Guard Clinical Forehead Thermometer



Do you want super-fast results? The Generation Guard boasts of taking a reading for only one second! Armed with sensors to detect heat, it will analyze your child’s body temperature in a fracture of a second. Yep, that fast.

Moreover, if you’re confused with the mode of heat measure, you can switch back and forth its Celsius or Fahrenheit readings.


  • Very quick to scan your child’s fever
  • Sensitive sensor to provide accurate results of the scan
  • You can switch temperature modes back and forth from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Great light and LCD of the device
  • It’s generally quiet and won’t disturb your resting baby


  • Readings can fluctuate at a time
  • Can take some time to get used to the scanner buttons.
  • Best for: Parents who want quick results to know whether their child has a fever and how severe it is. With generation guard, they’ll be able to act quickly on how to take care of their child.

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Choosing The Best Forehead Thermometer

best choice

It’s quite hard choosing which thermometer is good for you. But based on our findings, usage, and other reviews from different parents out there, what seems to be the best forehead thermometer is the iProvèn Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function!

Why? What’s the most common thing you’ve observed in your colicky child? He’s a bit fidgety and upset! Though it breaks your heart, you have to choose a thermometer that’s best for the both of you.

In just a couple of seconds, iProven will scan your baby’s fever and give accurate results – only if you have cleaned it properly, free from dirt and oil. It has consistent readings which made most people trust the product.

For your crying child, there’s a loud beeper for you to hear to know the reading is done. And the results? It has a fever alarm to show you how severe the ailment is. Plus you can have 20 back readings of your previous test results, which can be handy for comparison. No need for a pen and paper with that on the thermometer.

What do you think? Is it the best forehead thermometer for you?

What’s best for mommies and babies

It highly depends on the parent and their child on which thermometer is best for them. But for children, it’s tough to place in other thermometers like ear, armpit and rectal. They will surely squirm! So, maybe the ideal one for parents out there is finding the best forehead thermometer for their kid.

What do you think? Do you have a thermometer at home that you like? Tell us below!

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