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Optimal air temperature in the room for a newborn baby: how to maintain the temperature regime

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Any mother with the birth of a baby is anxious to create the optimal conditions for her child, in which they will feel most comfortable. This applies not only to the appropriate care for the newborn, but also to the surrounding environment. It is not so important what color of diapers the child sleeps in or what bottle he drinks milk from. It is much more important to set the right temperature in the room of a newborn baby. After all, this directly affects the condition, well-being and even the mood of the baby. It is important for mothers to monitor the optimal temperature and humidity in the room.

Specialists in the field of pediatrics recommend adhering to the temperature within 18-22 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the child feels normal, and their development proceeds in more natural conditions.
In winter, it is difficult to control this temperature in connection with the beginning of the heating season. But you need to make sure that the temperature in the room does not exceed 23 degrees Celsius.
Particular attention should be paid to maintaining normal temperature in the room during the child's sleep. If it is too hot or too cold in the room, the child will often wake up and be capricious. Parents should observe the necessary temperature for a comfortable sleep of the baby. The temperature of the air in the room where the baby is sleeping should not be more than 22 degrees Celsius. In this case, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of the child: one will sleep well at 18 degrees, while the other at this temperature will be cold. Therefore, moms must track at what temperature their child sleeps better.
To monitor the room temperature, you need to place a thermometer near the baby’s bed.
One more important point is the corresponding room temperature during the bathing of the child. Many parents believe that the temperature of the room during the bathing of the child should be slightly higher than usual. However, this thought is far from the truth.
If bathing will take place at a higher air temperature in the room, the baby will freeze after the bathing in the usual conditions.
Therefore, if you are going to bathe a child, you do not need to specifically raise the temperature in the room. It is enough to hold the baby in a warm towel for a while after bathing.
Thus, the optimal temperature in the room of the newborn should be constant. There is no need to warm up the room specially for sleeping or bathing of an infant.
It should be noted that the room temperature parameters mentioned above are indicated for healthy, born-in-time children. If the child was born prematurely, they needs special conditions. In particular, the air temperature in the room should be 24-25 degrees. This is due to the insufficient level of intrinsic thermoregulation in premature infants.
Remember, that you can adjust the right temperature with the help of an air conditioner. Naturally, the child at the time when air conditioner works should not be in the room. It is advisable, to walk with the baby at this moment. It is necessary to install the air conditioner right. For this purpose, you can apply to the specialists and they will recommend the best place to install your device. There are many zoned air conditioner installation Richmond Hill or Ottawa services to choose from.
Creating and maintaining the optimal room temperature and air humidity positively influences the child’s health and mood.

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