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Best Baby Jumper: No Questions Asked

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Isn’t it wonderful to see and hear a child playing and laughing in his baby jumper? If you’re bound to buy one and find it daunting to have many jumpers, you’ll become more frantic to know which the best baby jumper is. Luckily, we brought this topic for you find out more about baby jumpers.

Even as a baby, your child needs to be active as much as he can handle. You might spend some fun time with your child, but you can’t be there at his side all time. That would be exhausting, wouldn’t it? You have to cook, get the laundry done, and sweep the floor.

How can you manage your baby? With a baby jumper, of course! There are plenty of baby jumpers out there, but you just want to buy the very best baby jumper in town.

What Is A Baby J

What Is A Baby Jumper And What’s The Fuss All About?


For first time parents, a baby jumper is a seat that contains harness fastened to a couple of elastic straps. You get to hang the seat anywhere safe in your house and place your child in so that he can start jumping around to improve his leg strength.

It happened to be a big fuss when it divides people to think whether a jumper is necessary or not. If you get to read our jumper safety issues, you’ll understand why some individuals claim it to be hazardous.

But we tell you, that there’s nothing wrong with baby jumpers if you know how to use it and what features you should look for. We guarantee you of our info about the best baby jumpers.

Moreover, we have reviewed five of the best baby jumpers that you'll find in today’s trend. But here are some major eye-openers on choosing the baby jumper that is right for your child.

The Different Types Of Baby Jumpers

If you go to the store to find the best baby jumper, you’ll be surprised to see why there are three kinds of baby jumpers in the market. Among them is a doorway jumper which includes a sling-shaped seat with straps fastened to the frame. Another baby jumper is fixed to its frame with a hanging seat. See what we mean below.

Stationary Jumper

It is the most basic of all baby jumpers. It consists of a cord, seat and a frame only. It does not have any frou-frous or toys your child can enjoy or play with.

Activity Jumper

This type of jumper has a full range of toys for your child aside from just the straps and seats that allow him to jump. The Activity Jumpers primary goal is to amuse your baby.

Door Jumper

They are so-called door jumpers because they are always hanging on doorways. It contains a seat with straps that hang in the top center of your door.

See which among them you consider as the best baby jumper. Would you want the stationary jumper, the simple one? Or would you like your child to play and focus on his toys while you’re working or doing chores around the house? Maybe you even considered on having your baby close to the doorway.

Why Buy A Baby Jumper

Parents should know that a jumper isn’t just for their child to be entertained. There are some advantages as to why jumpers are necessary for your children’s. These ranges from children muscle development, security issues or just one of that day you want to have your own time for yourself and let the jumper entertain your kid.

Improves Muscle Development


There’s not much any research that can back up the claim of having strengthened muscles. However, since babies jump their way out of it, it will improve their muscle structures. Just remember not to use it quite frequently. Since children are still developing their muscles; repeated jumping can strain their legs. Maybe 10 to 15 minutes on the jumper will do fine.

Entertains The Baby

You have to face the reality that you can’t be with your kiddo all the time. So, finding the best baby jumper for your child would be a good idea. If you opt to buy the activity jumper, you can find your ‘me-time’ for 10 to 15 minutes since the jumper would entertain your child. Who knows, your kid might even just fall asleep and you can just relax on the sofa.

Promotes Safety

Below, you’ll find features on what to look for in a jumper. If you know what should be included in the product, how to use it and when to use it, you’ll reap the benefits of having a baby jumper. Besides, baby jumpers are better off than walkers. You can keep an eye on your child with a jumper than a walker that could lead to accidents.

What Aspects To Look For In A Baby Jumper

As stated earlier, you need to look for the following features that may be beneficial to your child. Here is what you should be considering when buying the best baby jumper.

Jumper Seat

You need a seat with suspenders to protect your child! Of course, your child will be bouncing around, and you have to keep him in his seat! Too much jumping might increase the risk of your child being thrown off. You need a harness that keeps your baby snuggly in his seat.

Also, you need to have removable or washable seats. They need to be clean for your child as germs might be lurking to strike your kid. Furthermore, the height needs to be altered as well for your child’s comfort. Additional padding for relaxation is something to look for too.

Baby Jumper Max Weight


Baby jumpers have a limit weight. Check out what they are when buying one. If your child maxed out the weight, chances are, he might hurt himself upon bouncing. Also, he might break the jumper or the harness and further add to his injuries.


Particularly for a stationary jumper, you need to know if the structure is sturdy. Expect the frames to move when your baby is bouncing, but it needs to be strong enough not to fall or break. Frames that are dismantled to save foot space are great! Just remember, when you want to use it again, assemble the pieces quite strong enough to hold your baby.



Do you need toys for your baby to play with? For a mom who’s always busy, having toys would be a great thing to keep the baby busy. Just look for toys that are not hazardous to him. Preferably those aren’t small enough for him to pick it up and put in his mouth!

Carefully evaluate a baby jumper according to the product’s international standards. His safety is the utmost importance in your life. Don’t be ignorant as just to buy a baby jumper so that you can have time for yourself and leave your child to his musings.

Check the manufacturer’s product quality. Lest it could lead your child to fatal injuries. Remember, you’re looking for the best baby jumper out there.

Safety Tips For Buying A Baby Jumper


If you know which features to look for in baby jumpers, it’s already a step in putting your child’s safety in line. Also, you have to know what to do after buying your child’s baby jumper. Here are tips if you want to see your child happy and safe in his jumper.

  • Make sure the room or floor is free from cluttering objects. Also, it’s best to have it in a neat room free from dust or little sharp items he can prick on.
  • Stay clear from staircases or other hazardous places.
  • Never attempt to attach cords to the jumper. There’s a risk that your child can get strangled.
  • Is your baby growing faster than he should be? Then stop using the jumper.
  • Don’t leave your child hanging around the jumper for extended periods of time.

Jumpers can be beneficial if you only know how to use it and what you should be doing when your child is bouncing around the room. So, now, are you ready to buy the best baby jumper in town? Here’s our review of the five products in the market.

Review Of 5 Best Baby Jumper 2017


This is one activity jumper who wanted to kids to learn and improve their visual stimuli more than ever! It boasts of having more than 12 activities which include a piano and three other play modes. And guess what? It contains languages for baby to learn – English French and Spanish. The seat can be rotated to 360 degrees for a child to access all toys.

The seat is well-padded enough for baby to be comfortable. Moreover, it has five adjustable positions for a growing baby!


  • Makes baby entertained and have fun
  • Parents can attach additional toys in the baby jumper
  • Fun activities for children and the music are excellent
  • Ease in assembling the jumper
  • The 360-degree rotation is very helpful for children. Babies can do it with ease and have seen no problems with it
  • Height adjustment works great. Can be used for bigger kids


  • The jumper works well with bigger kids because the seat is quite large. Maybe a little problematic for small children
  • This baby jumper is quite big. It’ll take too much space in the room
  • You’ll need to dismantle the jumper to store it
  • Best for: People with bigger room spaces will love the Baby Einstein as it can provide children more entertainment than any other activity jumpers.


The baby jumper is portable and has a lot of fun ways to amuse your child. Just attach it to a door frame where you can see your baby jumping around with glee. And don’t you now you can wash the seats? Get rid of those stinky pads by throwing them in the washer. You’ll know your baby is safe with the Graco as it has a hidden safety cord too!

Furthermore, it can be easily attached, has a toy tray and up for babies worth 25 lbs.


  • Easily transferable from one doorway to another
  • Washable seat for stinky pads!
  • Seat is comfortable for baby
  • Ease in assembling of the baby jumper
  • Door clamp is great and durable
  • There’s a bumper that can protect your child’s head
  • Built-in toys are quite fun and highly entertains the baby


  • It may be adjustable, but it still is hard for taller babies
  • It’s only best for doors that have smaller doorways
  • Be careful of the rings attached to the toys; it might be uncomfortable for your child once his hands got in and stuck.
  • Best for: Parents who want to take a closer look at their kid happily bouncing in his jumper. And babies will love the seat – comfy and washed in sweet smelling pads.

Via Amazon .com

Perhaps this is the simplest jumper, yet offers the same fun your baby might enjoy. Its seat entirely frames your child, and it’s quite thick yet comfortable for your baby. The straps are adjustable for it to be conducive for your ever-growing baby.

If you want to know, Evenflo fits the standard doorway which is supposedly around three to six inches thick.


  • It has a thick padding that protects the baby when jumping. It is also quite soft and comfortable
  • The height of the baby jumper can be adjusted to suit his needs accordingly
  • Can clip toys to the straps


  • The pad is rather difficult to wash
  • Quite noisy if the baby will bounce
  • Little protection to protect the head of the child
  • Best for: Parents who are budget conscious but would love to have their child enjoy in a baby jumper and with all of its benefits. The simplicity of this jumper still brings the benefits to a child.

Via Amazon . com

Probably, this is for almost advanced children where they can hold their heads up without any help. Moreover, it lets your kid be entertained with all of its lights, sounds, and music. In fact, it has a light-up musical piano your baby might enjoy.

It has an overhead toy bar spinners featuring forest animals. And who wouldn’t love that?


  • It has activities and toys that can amuse your baby for 10 to 15 minutes while you have your rest
  • The baby jumper is portable and can be easily assembled
  • Plays baby music when your child jumps
  • Adjustable seat for your baby
  • 360 degrees swivel seat


  • Rotating the seat is hard
  • The baby jumper is suitable for taller kids. You’ll need more pillows or padded materials for the child to seat comfortable
  • Best for: Parents who want their child to be entertained while they’re working with some chores! Don’t mistake its simplicity for being tedious. Evenflo is fun.


The Jolly Jumper wants to put out the word that it offers balance and helps develop coordination in your child. Furthermore, it strengthens muscles and supports your child’s spine whenever he jumps. It offers convenience and ease to parents who are planning to buy one.


  • It’s foldable, which means, this baby jumper is a lot easier to store
  • Jolly Jumper might be quite simple, but it has features that can make a child jump with glee
  • You can hang toys in the straps for your child to be entertained
  • Safe for children up to 28 lbs


  • It’s difficult to put your kid in the jumper and might need the help of your hubby
  • Well, it is simple, but you can attach toys to it too
  • Best for: Those who would appreciate the simplicity and essential features of a baby jumper. Jolly Jumper still provides the advantage just like any products out there.

What You Need In The Best Baby Jumper

We really can’t compare all of them with each other since the product should be tailored to your needs. However, we find the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper best for our kid, and with yours too! It has loads of features for your child to become highly entertained. Moreover, it’s a lot easier to assemble.

It’s not foldable and might be a hassle for anyone, but’s easy to assemble and that’s quite reassuring. You’ll need a bigger space with it, though, as the baby jumper takes greater foot space on the floor. The seat is quite big, but you can insert additional pads for extra comfort.

We believe that the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper is the best baby jumper. What do you think?

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