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Toys For A Baby That Won’t Be A Waste Of Money

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When a baby is born, many parents want to run out and buy them a ton of items, including toys. Unfortunately, many of these toys end of being unplayed with which can be rather disappointing. This is why it’s important to take your time and really research what types of toys babies like to play with. If you are looking to purchase something for that special baby in your life, consider these toys for a baby that won’t be a waste of money.

Baby Jumpers


Babies tend to have a lot of energy and it can be difficult to find a way for them to get it all out. Baby Jumpers may be the answer that many parents are looking for. There are jumpers that you can hang in the doorway or jumpers that have a freestanding base. Both types of baby jumpers allow the parent or caregiver to safely put the baby in it so that the little one can jump away for as long as they want too. Many times a baby jumpers ends up being a baby’s favorite toy and they want to spend all of their time in it. This type of toy is an easy way to entertain a baby while giving a tired parent a much needed break.

Push Toys

It’s pretty fun to watch a baby become fascinated by wheels and the ability to push items. There are a variety of push toys available for babies of different ages. Some of them allow the baby to sit on it and try to scooch themselves around. Other toys have a handle that the baby holds onto while they are practicing their walking skills. If you do purchase this type of toy, don’t be surprised if your baby ends up spending as much time pushing around the toy as they do turning it on it’s side and playing with it’s wheels.

Interactive Toys


Almost all babies love interactive toys. They light up, make noise and are extremely stimulating. Babies tend to be amazed when they push buttons and see that they get a response from the toy in return. There are many different types of these toys to choose from that include everything from large interactive blocks to stuffed toys with interactive buttons on them. You might find that your baby wants to play with these types of toys for hours on end. Just don’t forget to pick up some extra batteries!

Activity Gyms

Even young babies can enjoy toys. An activity gym consists of a playmat with an arch or two over top of it. This arch has toys that hang down from it that the baby can kick or grab at. Some activity gyms also have items built into the playmat that make sounds as the baby moves around on it. One of the nice things about activity gyms is that even when the baby starts sitting up the parent can still sit the baby on the playmat so that they can explore all of the toys up close.

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