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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

Being the mom means someone is always mad at you

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Someone's always mad at me.

I'm sure you can relate.

If it's not the one kid, it's the other.

If it's not her either, then it's him.

And, if it's none of them, well, then it's a practical guarantee that I'm not my husband's favorite person at that time.

When you're the mom -- the matriarch of your family -- you peev your young people and their father off quite frequently with your constant






Your crew very easily gets annoyed with your constant


drill-sergeant ways,

anxious nature,


reactive temper.

And, they also don't really enjoy all of the


gentle pushing,



But, you know what I say to that?


Seriously, oh well.

If me doing the best job that I can as a mother means that my kids are mad at me most of the time for the way I am raising them and the things I am doing to ensure that they turn out to be one of the "good people" of this world, then so be it.

If I, at this point in my life, am incapable of doing the best job that I can as a wife because I'm devoting all of my brainpower and energy to dominate motherhood and that means that my husband is mad at me, then so be it.

One day, in the not too far off future, no one will be mad at me.

And, no one will be mad at me BECAUSE NO ONE WILL BE HOME.

That's except for the hubs who, by that time, will hopefully be retired and reconnecting with me.

And, while that part of the picture will be nice, I can't help but think that I'll occasionally find myself sitting around wishing for my now-grown, tiny tykes back with their "stink faces" and them pouting by a tree.

These days, someone's always mad at me, but I kind of hope someone always is.

Because truthfully, I think that not seeing eye to eye, is reality, but that us, as a family, always working things out, means each of us is learning and growing -- independently and together -- and I can't think of anything more honestly beautiful than that.

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